Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland Lands in Atlanta

Tom Holland as Spider Man

Tom Holland has finally arrived in Atlanta and will start shooting Spider-Man 3 immediately.

Spidey is Home!

The 24-year-old actor took to his Instagram to share with his fans of him traveling on a flight from Spain yesterday. He was seen sharing a video of the people in there watching ‘Far From Home.’

Fans couldn’t speculate if it were a hint that he is on his way to shoot the sequel of it or simply him going home, and people on board were watching the movie. But our favorite web-slinger, in all his eagerness, posted a story to ease our minds.

After a long flight from Spain, Spidey himself posted a video of him saying that he landed in Atlanta, and it is Spidey time!!! Fans are excited now that he is here, which means the movie title will be released soon.

Tom Holland is known for giving out spoilers in an adorable way, so let’s hope he gives one soon and confirms at least one of the millions of theories going around the Spider-Man 3 movie.

Marvel Phase 4 Updates

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4

So many phase-4 movies have started their process. Thor Love and Thunder are set to film from Jan 2021. But, Natalie Portman, Taika Waititi, has already reached Australia and have started preparing.

Shang-Chi and Falcon and the Winter Soldier have wrapped up filming and now entered the pre-production phase.

Spider-Man’s stunt double was recently seen practicing for the stunts for Spider-Man 3, and the video garnered a lot of fan attention because it meant that Tom Holland was arriving shortly.

Oh, the Hype that follows the movie!!

Spider-man 3 title is expected to be out soon

Tom Holland posted the story today just 5 hours ago. Half of the world is asleep now, so the hype that will be when they wake up is something I am looking forward to.

Remember when Spider-Man movies were just regular? Now it has the hype and welcoming of a full-time Avengers movie. God, we are so glad to have Marvel and happy Tom Holland is playing our Spidey.

Also, did you ever wonder about how Tony Stark found out about Spider-Man in the Civil war? We just now found out the answer. Check it out.

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