Thor Love and Thunder Updates: Chris Hemsworth Gets Candid


With Spider-Man 3 taking over the internet, we forgot about another fantastic movie which is supposed to ease us by making us forget that Tony Stark is dead.

Don’t know if any amount of movie can do that but, Marvel better try. It might ease a little if we see spider verse live-action with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, you know, just a suggestion marvel, in case you read this.

Jane Foster Plot

Thor updates have been very scarce unless you count Natalie Portman confirming her story plot which was under wraps since the announcement of her return.

Natalie Portman’s “Jane Foster” is expected to appear as Female Thor.

Those who have no idea about that, fans were wondering on how Female Thor will be introduced as in the comics she is a cancer warrior who battles it and is endangered more whenever she fights the dark forces.

What to Expect?

The plot was not confirmed by Marvel and had fans spinning theories on how it will play out, Thanks to Natalie Portman, we got the answer when she did an interview during the pandemic confirming the plot to be precisely like that of the comic book. If that is true, folks get your tissues ready, it’s going to be one emotional movie.

Shoot Begins in 2021

Chris Hemsworth while giving an interview yesterday, said that Thor Love and Thunder starts shooting in January in Australia. The initial plan was to begin shooting the movie from October, but pandemic had other plans. Now Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange has been set to start shooting in October, while the former has already begun shooting in Atlanta the latter’s schedule is still unknown.

Get Your Tissues Ready

Chris Hemsworth gave a good idea about what to expect. Chris went to say that every Thor movie until date has given a different side of Thor, so the 4th movie will definitely show another side of Thor. With Jane Foster cancer treatments, her pain, and the title having the word ‘Love’, I ain’t no prophet, but sure as hell know this movie is going to make us ugly cry.

Taika brewing his magic right now

Taika Waititi, who was struck in a hotel for half of the pandemic, is right now writing the script, according to Thor himself. With so many crossovers happening in other, marvel phase 4 movies and with the fact that Thor actually left with Guardians of the Galaxy crew, we don’t know who all will be seen in the film yet.

Taika Waititi to direct Thor: Love and Thunder; Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman to return as The Valkyrie and Jane Foster.

Thor confirms that Tessa Thompson, Valkyrie and now the ruler of Asgard will appear in the movie. Other than that, all we know is Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) is returning as Female Thor.

All we can do now is wait and follow everyone associated with marvel and Disney movies and find out what is going on. God, please be merciful and give us the film on the now scheduled dates without any delay, please???

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