How Old Is Thanos? 10 Of The Oldest MCU Characters

Thanos Vs Avengers Characters And Their Age:

In the entire decade of MCU action, we have seen Thanos Vs Avengers characters age, both physically and mentally. However, do we really know who the oldest character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is?

Thanos is old, that is established. The Mad Titan even beat Cap by a few centuries. However, when compared to some other heroes in the MCU, we might as well consider him a baby. While the MCU is only a decade old, but the history built into its worlds and characters goes back to basically the dawn of time.

Moreover, this time existed well before Thanos, or his home planet Titan. Therefore, read on below to find out some of the oldest MCU Characters ever.

1. The Ancient One In Dr. Strange, One Of The Oldest MCU Characters:

The Ancient One is only 500 years old, with his title being older than himself. Moreover, he has existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for only about five centuries now.

2. Thanos Vs Avengers In Infinity War:

According to the Russo Brothers, the Mad Titan is only a little over one thousand years old. This puts him way ahead of The Ancient One. However, there are others who are older than Thanos.

3. Thanos Vs Avengers, Mostly Loki, Is Older Than Thanos As Well:

It is a good thing that Thor did not consult a lot with Loki. However, the latter does have a few years upon the Titan. Loki is a little under 1500 years old, which is at par with the fact that the Asgardians are some of the oldest beings in existence.

4. Thor, One Of The Oldest Avengers:

We find out that Thor is 1500 years old in the recently released Avengers: Infinity War. And this is also how we know that his younger brother Loki is slightly less old than him. And therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the God of Thunder is particularly unimpressed by the Titan’s plans as they stand. He’s been around a long time, and he can tell you that big plans like this usually fall flat.

5. Valkyrie In Thor: Ragnarök:

Valkyrie is older than Thor. And we know this is true because she helped fight Hela for the first time. Moreover, she did so before Thor was even born. In saying so, she has to be around 2000 years old.

6. One Of The Oldest MCU Characters Is Hela, In Thor: Ragnarök:

Hela is the elder sister of Thor and is older than 1500 years of age. Again, she could be around 2000 years old, just like Valkyrie, or older than her as well.

7. Odin Is Also Older Than Thanos:

Odin, the King of Asgard and protector of the nine realms is approximately 4000 years old. If we assume that he had Hela when he was around 2000 years old, we would have to add the years including the time he imprisoned her. Add to that the life we know he has had, and we have the oldest of the very old Asgardians.

8. The Collector In Guardians Of The Galaxy:

The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy is by far the oldest of all MCU Characters. He, along with those like him, appeared only a little after the universe came into existence.

9. The Grandmaster In Thor: Ragnarök:

Like his brother, Taneleer Tivan, or The Collector, the Grandmaster was born shortly after the beginning of the universe. Therefore, he is at least millions of years old. He has spent a lot of this very long life pitting different species against one another in gladiatorial combat on the planet over which he rules, Sakaar.

10. Ego, In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2:

Ego, otherwise known as the Father of Starlord, has existed since just after the birth of the universe. He is a primordial being, which means that he has existed since the beginning of time.

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