Spider-Man: No Way Home | Trailer Details You Missed.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer is finally here, and we all are thrilled. It had been a while we saw this level of enthusiasm for a trailer. Last I remember it was Avengers: Endgame, which got this amount of attention. Though the trailer was short, it had a lot of quick glimpses of a lot to come. From old villains being reintroduced to Doctor Strange being strange, here’s all we think you might have missed.

Here’s Spider-man: No Way Home’s trailer. Just in case you have not watched it yet.


Can someone tell me why is it snowing in Doctor Strange’s New York sanctum? Our theory is they might have left a portal open for a couple of minutes too long and that leads to all the snow. Also, why does he need a person to pick up snow when Strange can literally change timelines? We can’t possibly think of a theory that explains this.

Green Goblin, Sandman, and Dr. Otto Octavius are back, or maybe Spiderman has been thrown into his past. Yes, the internet has a theory that it could be that Spiderman has wished for things to become as they were before he was exposed, this could also mean he might have been pushed to a multiverse where classic villains like Green Goblin and Dr. Otto Octavius are presently causing trouble.

Green Goblin Bomb
Dr. Otto

Is it me or did the ‘Doctor Strange Halloween Lights’ look a lot like Doctor Strange in a multiversal madness?

Dr.Strange in Multiverse of Madness

It’s almost every time that Dr.Strange Does his magic tricks and it has some resemblance to Asgard and Asgardian magic. Here’s something that you might have missed.

Here’s a scene from when Doctor Strange was trying to fix peters problems using magic. If you pause at the right moment you will notice a frame where it looks something like the place Dr.Strange fought with Dormammu in his first movie.

Okay, this is more of a fun one. I liked Peter’s T-shirt which says “Physics is Theoretical, The Fun is Real”

This is a big one, What is it in Peter/Spiderman’s hand? Looks like something Doctor Strange would keep locked in his Sanctum. We suspect Peter will try to fix things by himself, using that tool in his hand, and got this astral form knocked out of him for doing so.

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