Tom Hiddleston To Return As Loki In Doctor Strange 2: Reports

Strongest Sorcerer Supreme: Loki or Doctor Strange?

The series of Loki finally came to an end with its sixth episode today. Fans of the show know that Loki has been a fun ride from its first episode. After six wholesome weeks of time travels, new characters, and discoveries, Loki fans have been left with yet another cliffhanger today. Fans have a bigger question now: Loki in Doctor Strange 2?

At the ending of episode 6, the multiverse of madness was finally opened which opened many questions. This also set the course for multiple Phase 4 projects. The possible projects include Loki Season 2, a follow-up of Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, as well as What If…?

Loki In Doctor Strange 2? Loki Season 2?

The dramatic and open-ended ending of the series made fans very curious. Recent reports have also stated that Loki Season 2 is confirmed and will appear on Disney+. The God of Mischief is expected to be seen on screen again.

Following this news, media outlets have also stated that Tom Hiddleston will be returning in Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness as Loki. However, Marvel Studios have not yet officially confirmed the report.

But if the reports are true, our dear God of Mischief will be seen on screen with actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Tom Hiddleston will also be seen alongside Elizabeth Olsen, the Scarlet Witch, as well as Xochitl Gomez.

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Hiddleston is highly expected to be in the Doctor Strange sequel especially after the Loki Disney+ series showcased superpowers, magic as well as the creation of the multiverse. Based on the role that Hiddleston played as Loki in destroying the Sacred Timeline to create many alternate realities, Loki will make an extremely interesting character in Doctor Strange.

Doctor strange and wanda

Given the success and popularity of the Loki series, it’s highly anticipated by fans that the character will be returning for another season, as well as for other projects in the cinematic universe. While the shooting for the Loki series was wrapped up last year, Tom Hiddleston has also previously revealed that he was on set and shooting on February 9, his 40th birthday.

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