Doctor Voodoo to Appear in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness


With every focus now on Spider-Man 3 theories and rumours, many have stopped spinning theories for other phase 4 movies.

The scoop on Multiverse of Madness

But some dedicated fans have taken it to be their goal to divide their time equally among the other phase 4 movies and write theories and rumours. Thanks to them, now we might have a little scoop on Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

Wanda’s Blunder

We know that the movie actually deals with the alternate universes and the headaches it brings Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. And we know that Wanda is set to stare in the movie. While many speculate that she is one reason why many villains from the alternate universe have been jumping to the current timeline back and forth.


Spider-Man 3 Crossover

After Doctor Strange‘s news appearing in the Spider-Man Far from home sequel broke, fans have had an ear on the ground for Doctor Strange 2 rumours. The sequel to Doctor Strange is supposed to start filming in London this month. After Benedict Cumberbatch is done with his shooting for Spider-Man 3, he will join the cast of Doctor Strange 2.

Audition Call for Dr Voodoo

Some fans have shared an audition call from the production of Doctor Strange 2. The call is for a black actor, Haitian (with an accent), at the age of 8 for a character described as “athletic, intelligent, and curious. A good boy who never gives up and looks in the eyes of Weird people.”

Now fans were immediately quick to recognize who this casting might be for. If you are a comic book fan, you might know who it is for. For others, here’s the answer, it is for a younger Doctor Voodoo.

Another New Avenger

Doctor Voodoo or Jericho Drumm is a comic book hero who uses his proficiency in Voodoo and his superhero powers to do good. He has teamed up with Spider-Man in comics when the need arises. He had also teamed up with Black Panther and Moon Knight when Killmonger was resurrected, and Nightmare started attacking T’Challa.

He has a doctorate in psychology and thus the name Doctor, and for his speciality in Voodoo, he has the title Doctor Voodoo. He is also the new sorcerer supreme who takes over the mantle from Strange, according to comics.

End Of Doctor Strange?

Even though we have no idea if that means the end of Doctor Strange in MCU or just introducing Jericho as a kid to develop the timeline, we know for sure Doctor Strange plays a vital role in MCU. That Doctor Strange 2 cannot be the end of his role in MCU.

All we can do now is speculate and wait to see what Marvel has decided to do with Doctor Strange.

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