Takt Op Destiny Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers

takt op destiny

Takt Op Destiny, the action-fantasy anime has been a great show so far. Fans have been enjoying the music-driven spectacular fighting sequences. Not to mention, the wide array of diverse characters and personalities adds some charm too. Above all, the last episode introduced new characters along with some cool action segments. 

With the praises, came questions and doubts too. Who is the shady Shindler guy? What exactly is Symphonica? And why are Jigoku’s skates so deadly? Fans have been asking about it along with the release details of the next episode. Well, you came to the right place. Scroll down and take a look for yourself.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 6 Release Date:

Takt Op Destiny Episode 6 is all set to release on November 10, 2021. The MAPPAxMadhouse series releases every new episode on a weekly basis.

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Recap of Takt Op Destiny Episode 5:

The episode begins with Felix Shindler finding out about Takt and Destiny. And from thereon, he decides to take the matter of unregistered musicart and conductor in his own hands. As a matter of fact, there are several pictures of the duo on his desk; he has been following them for a while it seems.

On the other hand, Takt, Cosette, and Anna are traveling to New Orleans. But they have a flat tire and Anna is fixing it. Destiny senses a D2 nearby and proceeds to exterminate it. As always, Takt agrees and lets her blast the D2 into pieces. Apparently, she ends up stopping a Symphonica train in the process.

felix shindler and takt meeting takt op destiny

Coincidentally, she stopped the train that had Felix Shindler in it. The commander invites the trio as he is going to Houston and New Orleans will come in the way only. Then they talk a bit about each other and Shindler tells them that they are transporting a Black Night Siderite to a Houston facility.

Walkure wasn’t happy with all the commotion that the strangers brought in. Although she doesn’t have much of a say in that due to her being without a conductor. On the way to New Orleans, the train is attacked by Black Night Siderites; Destiny along with the help of Walkure was able to stop them.

jigaku musicart takt op destiny

The battle took a heavy toll on Takt as well as Walkure. However, there was one humongous D2 that was still left. Looking at how exhausted Takt and Walkure are, Shindler gives a green light to Jigoku. With her cool skaters, she effortlessly slices the D2 in two strikes. 

Cut to the next scene and it seems like they’re at a dock somewhere. Seeing how dangerous the situation could’ve been, Shindler decides to not take it to Boston. However, he does realize the potential Takt and Destiny holds and wants them to work under him. Therefore, he proposes them the same, only to be bluntly rejected.

Well, that infuriates the commander and it seems like we have someone who is not happy with Takt. The final minute of the episode depicts the helplessness of Anna as she has to yet again pull an all-nighter without anyone talking with her. Not going to lie, it must be hard to stick with those two, Anna is the real superhero.

What Can You Expect in Takt Op Destiny Episode 6?

Considering that we don’t have any source material for the anime, not much speculation(s) can not be made. Although the episodes by far are kind of episodic and lead one event to another, one can point out that there’ll be something waiting for the trio in New Orleans.

felix shindler and jigaku takt op destiny

Also, let’s not forget that now they have someone who will be watching and chasing them. Felix Shindler can prove to be troublesome in the near future. We can also hope to see Walkure in the further episodes. Till then, all we can do is wait.

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Where Can You Watch It?

You can watch the action-fantasy anime on Crunchyroll. For the Asian fans (in some countries only), it is available on Ani-One Asia and Bilibili.

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