86 Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers

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86 or Eighty-Six is the kind of show that always keeps someone on their toes. To be honest, that’s how a sci-fi dystopian mecha should be like. It has to depict the cruelties and grotesqueness of battles and wars. Not to forget, how the continuous cycle of hatred and fighting makes one fall into the pit hole of madness. 

In the previous episode, we saw Shin behaving very much like Kiri. Although it was for a while, one can’t just ignore it. Furthermore, Gran Mur has been breached and Legion is advancing, Republic is in danger and someone needs to step up. 

Fans have been going crazy over the last episode and they have every reason to be. The anticipation of the next episode is quite high. Here’s everything you need to know about 86 Season 2 Episode 6 release details and more. 

86 Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date:

86 Season 2 Episode 6 is all set to release on November 7, 2021. The title of the episode will be ‘I Won’t Forget’. 

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A Recap of The Previous Chapter:

The episode begins with the Legion getting ready while listening to the orders that are coming from the commander. The Legion had a massive number of troops and the other countries were quite surprised to see the vast number. It was nothing short of breathtaking as we see the Legion advancing against its allies.

Legion attacking 86 Season 2

Despite seeing the huge numbers, the Federation was able to advance. They were almost overrun by the sheer numbers when Nordlicht Squad counterattacked Legion. In the process, they were able to slow Legion’s alarming pace as well as save the Federation. 

On the battlefield, Shin all by himself was able to wipe out a large number of Legion’s units. His counterattack proved a bit fatal to the opponent and as a result, the platoon was falling back. 

Meanwhile, Fredericia had a vision where Shin was descending into madness just like Kiri. He was enjoying the battle so much that he lost his sense of being. Although he was able to revert back to who he was, it seemed like something broke inside him. 

The Beginning of a War:

On the other hand, seeing how capable and devastating Nordlicht Squadron was, Legion retreated. This gave some time to Fredericia to relay what she saw in her vision to Shin. At the same time, the Republic receives a message from the Legion (of the breach of Gran Mur).

Shin and Fredericia at battlefield 86 season 2

In order to buy some time, Lena’s Uncle (General Karlstahl) agrees to hold off the Legion for some time. This would help Lena to have some time on her hands to gather the 86s to close the breach. Using an improved Para-RAID, Lena manages to connect with all of the pilots and tell them to be ready for the war. 

In the last few minutes, Fredericia talks to Shin and his team about how terrible the situation is at Republic. Both of them instantly realize how dire the situation is as Kiri can make use of this situation to attack them. Since there’s a high chance that they’ll run out of soldiers, Shin makes the decision to prepare for that, along with the help of his friends.

What Can You Expect From 86 Season 2 Episode 6?

The full-blown war against Legion is about to begin and no one can imagine what havoc will it bring. It’s all about to go down and no one at Republic seems to care enough; ignorance is bliss. 

Lena commanding the 86

86 Season 2 Episode 6 will most likely focus on Lena putting together the combatants to fight the Legion. As Republic’s first line of protection is gone, it’s all up to the others to save the day. 

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Where Can You Watch It?

You can catch the latest episodes of 86 on Crunchyroll (subscribers only).


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