Solo Leveling Chapter 173 Release Date And Spoilers

Things are surely getting very heated right now in Solo Leveling. With the way the last chapter ended with a major cliffhanger as Jinwoo finally appeared in front of the Dragon King, fans are really curious about what will happen in Solo Leveling Chapter 173. To find out its release date, recap and spoilers, head down below!

Solo Leveling Chapter 173 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 173 is scheduled to release on Thursday, November 11th, 2021.

Recap of Solo Leveling Chapter 172

The chapter begins with Antares, the great Dragon King stating that the shadow monarch had arrived on the eastern front. The Monarch of Transfiguration suggests that they gather all their forces and attack Jinwoo. Antares realizes that Jinwoo’s attempt is to buy some time to avoid a direct battle and he wonders just exactly what his main plan is.

Solo Leveling Chapter 173

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In Japan, the news is currently discussing the loss of contact with the Hunters who went to fight against the Demonic Beasts and the subsequent dispatchment of military by the US government to buy time for civilians to evacuate. Adam White realizes humanity’s utter hopelessness in the face of such a grave situation and he hopes for a miracle to save them.

Hundreds of Shadow soldiers, along with Jinwoo join the army in their fight against the Demonic Beasts. Amidst this chaos, Jinwoo looks up into the sky and wonders whether the Army of Doom had started moving but concludes that since he can’t sense the Dragon King, they must not be planning to make a move as yet.

Solo Leveling Chapter 173

Meanwhile, the Dragon King senses that Jinwoo is getting stronger and declares that they’ll attack him. He orders the Monarch of Transfiguration to stay put in his position and wait for the Shadow Army’s ambush.

Elsewhere, as the military battle against the Demonic Beasts, one of the soldiers tell the others not to worry about saving their ammunition and to just keep firing at the beasts. He says they can atleast obstruct their movements by attacking their arms and legs and that they need to wait for the Hunters’ backup.

This is when Thomas Andre, America’s strongest hunter arrives at the scene. He realizes that he has seen these beasts in dungeons before and realizes that it was at the Scavenger Guild. He recalls that they were many in number but they weren’t all that strong. It is here that the Monarch of Steel Body appears and warns Thomas that he could kill him very easily.

But it turns out Thomas isn’t alone, as Beru and Bellion appear along with the rest of the Shadow Army. The Monarch of Steel Body is surprised and realizes that they must have hid their presence by staying within Thomas’s Shadow. At this sudden foil of their plan, he thinks that he should notify the Dragon King but finds that he’s unable to reach him.

Meanwhile, the last few panels of the chapter shows the Dragon King and the Shadow Monarch Jinwoo finally facing each other.

Solo Leveling Chapter 173

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What Can We Expect From Solo Leveling Chapter 173? 

The official spoilers are not available yet. They’ll be out one or two days before the actual release date. We can expect things to get very intense in Chapter 173 and the next few chapters too. This is because Monarchs can outright kill off shadows.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 173 Online? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on sites such as Tappytoon, Tapas Media, Kakao page, etc.

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