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Is Taylor Swift the Perfect Fit for Dazzler in Deadpool 3? Here’s Why It Makes Sense

Taylor Swift Appear In Deadpool 3 as Dazzler

In all honesty, when the rumors about Taylor Swift playing Dazzler in Deadpool 3 first cropped up, they may have seemed a bit far-fetched — like they were pulled from someone’s “Wildest Dreams,” so to speak. However, with recent developments, it appears that there might be more to this rumor than what meets the eye. Let’s take a closer look.

Previous Discussions about Taylor Swift’s Appearance in Dark PhoenixDark Phoenix

Even before the Deadpool 3 rumor, fans discussed Swift’s appearance as Alison Blaire in 2016’s Dark Phoenix. However, nothing came of it, and the idea was quickly forgotten.

Then, the Deadpool 3 rumor started spreading. Almost immediately, various scoopers vehemently denied the story, dismissing it as just another baseless rumor.

However, Erik Davis of Fandango revealed that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has a particular soft spot for Dazzler as a character. This news added fuel to the fire and gave fans more reason to believe that the rumors might have some truth to them.

Swift’s Football Game Appearance with Deadpool 3 StarsTaylor shift appearance in Deadpool 3

In early October, fans pointed out that Swift was at the same Chiefs vs. Jets football game as Deadpool 3 stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, who were joined by Deadpool franchise director Shawn Levy. This coincidence sparked more speculation about Swift’s possible involvement in the movie.

Levy’s Coy Response

The first official statement about these rumors came from Levy, who pointedly gave “no comment,” since it is a “double whammy” of Taylor Swift secrets and MCU secrets. He did play coy, though, saying that fans will “have to wait and see.” Just days later, Swift and Levy were spotted together in New York City.

Reynolds’ Response

Reynolds responded similarly to the rumors a few weeks later, saying that he had “heard that one” and that “every single one of these secrets and spoilers will be revealed on July 26.” This statement only fueled fan excitement even further.

Swift’s Relationship with Blake LivelyBlake lively relationship with taylor swift

Another piece that is worth considering is Swift’s close relationship with Blake Lively, who is married to Reynolds. This connection could potentially have some bearing on Swift’s rumored involvement in Deadpool 3.

Disney’s Announcement of The Eras TourEras Tour

Plus, there is also the fact that Disney just announced that Disney+ is going to be the only place to stream the filmed version of Swift’s The Eras Tour. This move has led some fans to believe that Disney and Marvel are trying to build hype for Swift’s appearance in Deadpool 3.

Why Dazzler Would Be the Perfect Fit for Taylor Swift?

 Taylor Swift as Dazzler

If Taylor Swift were to appear as any Marvel character, Dazzler would be the perfect fit. For one, Swift and Dazzler look incredibly similar physically. Both can be described as almost the same singer with blue eyes and blond hair who goes through several aesthetics over many years, has a wide fan base, and turns her concerts into full-on spectacles.

Beyond that, both Swift and Dazzler have songs about growing up too fast, with Swift’s “Never Grow Up” and one of the only Dazzler songs to see an actual title and on-page lyrics, “A Little Girl’s Dream.” The known lyrics to “A Little Girl’s Dream” are fairly similar to Swift’s “Never Grow Up.”

All of this is to say that if this casting rumor is true, it would certainly fit like a well-worn “Cardigan.”

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