TFATWS Episode 6: Here’s What to Expect!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has taken us on a wonderful ride these past five weeks. By next week we bid adieu to the show.

Final Episode of TFATWS

As it’s the grand finale, we will get to see some grand ass kicking. Now that Zemo is out of the way, the only ones left are Karli and John Walker.

John Walker is more of his own problem, but Karli has something for Falcon, and it doesn’t look nice. We will see what the Flag Smashers want once and for all.

Is Sharon Carter after Sam?

This question has been running on our minds ever since we saw her make the call. Georges may look unbothered by the movement and all, but we seriously need to know what he and Sharon are up to.

If everything goes according to what we think, we may have more than two villains in the finale, just like WandaVision.

Will the world accept Sam as Captain America?

We do, but the fictional world is yet to accept it. It won’t be as bad as Isaiah Bradley said it would be because times have changed, and those backward-thinking idiots need to be eliminated.

We, the fans, accept Sam Wilson as the Next Captain America, and the next episode will show us how the world comes to know of it and how the government is going to take it.

Will Bucky tell the truth to the Old Man?

The last episode gave us Sam as the advising Wizard. It looks like Steve Rogers rubbed off on him.

Fans have been waiting to see how Bucky confronts his nightmares by taking the first step and telling the old man how his son died.

It will be emotional, but we want to see it so bad.

Is Zemo right about Karli?

Here’s a sentence I never thought will write. In a way, Baron Zemo may be right about Karli.

Particularly after we saw her bomb the place with people in it and see how she started to make herself a criminal just because people said, that makes us think that Zemo might be right.

She is complicated, but sometimes it looks like Zemo might be right.

Who is The Power Broker?

Well, at first, we thought it was Sharon Carter. Now even though she still looks fishy, she might not be the Power Broker.

Some think it’s Georges Batroc, and some think it’s the lady who tried to recruit John Walker.

Let’s wait and see.


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