TFATWS Episode 5 Debunks This Famous Fan Theory


The fifth episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier debunks one of the most famous fan theories.

The Theory According to Marvel Fans

Fans had this long-running Theory that Isaiah Bradley will be the one convincing Sam Wilson to take up the mantle of Captain America.

Fans already had the hint that Sam Wilson won’t be accepting the shield and will have doubts. The trailer also helped prove that Theory.

Since we don’t have Steve to convince him to take it and Bucky is not much of a talker, fans thought Isaiah Bradley would beat some sense into Sam and make him take the shield.


The Contradictory Theory!

But the exact opposite happened in the show today. We don’t blame Bradley for telling those lines.

After everything he has been through, it is normal for him to tell that. But we are actually happy that Wilson didn’t listen to him.

Unexpectedly, Bucky Barnes ended up being right.


It’s a win-win any way?

Fans might argue that somehow it ended up in the hands of Sam and that they predicted Bradley would play a part.

Well, that’s true, Bradley may not be the one asking him to do it, but he definitely played a part. Maybe Bradley will live long enough to see Sam become the soldier he was and get every glory he should’ve gotten all those years back.

What happened to Bradley was not just some part of fiction. Things may not happen exactly the same now, but many things like this happen.

The emotional episode we were promised was Bradley telling his life story. It was worth it, and even though we didn’t get a cameo we thought we might get, this episode was filled with amends, revelations, and so much deeper stuff.


We also got to witness Zemo forgiving Bucky, which made even our hearts move. Even though Zemo will be put in the Raft, he will be someone we will never forget. Well, at least not his dance.




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