The Avengers: 5 Most Shameless Things Iron Man Has Ever Done


Tony Stark is arguably the most audacious character of the MCU, with plenty of shameless actions to his name. 

Tony Stark/Iron Man is many things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but a perfect person he is not. He’s even one of the most unstable and problematic superheroes in history, and some of his decisions have had dire consequences. Even so, he’s still the de facto biggest brain in the MCU‘s first three phases. What this means is that his usual acts of valour, brilliance, and selflessness tend to overshadow some of his misdeeds. While he is quite ashamed at some of these misdeeds, there are still plenty of them he’s yet to feel shameful for. So, let’s commemorate some of Tony Stark’s most shameless acts because those are a big part of why we also like him. Here are Iron Man’s most brazen moments!



Stark is the equivalent of Bruce Wayne of DC. He is a successful business mogul and genius; he still has time to socialise and ostensibly surround himself with people. He had no shortage of parties before he became Iron Man.

Of course, since he is a bachelor at his prime, these parties are full of single women who easily got enchanted by his charms. Tony led a fast and tumultuous life at the top of the world before falling to the cold, hard ground with strong ways to get drunk and intoxicated.

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A large part of Tony’s adult life was taken care of by his assistant, Pepper Potts. The two initially had mutual feelings that weren’t addressed until the second Iron Man movie. Even then, Tony runs his Playboy instincts soon after he sees the Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow.

Natasha was then secretly working as a legal assistant for Pepper Potts. Tony managed to cross paths with Natasha one day and was immediately attracted to the supreme talent – so much so that he asked Pepper Potts that he also “wants one.”



Despite Stark’s stunning intellect, he’s still careless as heck and doesn’t think of some of the repercussions of his actions. He’s even put Pepper and other people close to him in danger out of these tendencies. One of the most stupid and bold things he did was invite some supervillains in his own home.

He even gave out the exact address knowing well that he’s also putting Pepper in danger by doing so. As expected, his enemies assaulted his home hard and fast and left him with little time to react. Oh, and he was also not prepared at all for the attack even though he invited it. It certainly wasn’t his brightest moment.

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We’re aware that Iron Man has no doubts on not sparing his enemies. He’s been killing in the MCU since 2008. After all, his business and legacy were forged on weapons manufacturing, so that’s understandable. However, he seemed to have extended this no-mercy philosophy to a high school boy who’s barely of legal age, Peter Parker.

It’s worth noting that the Spider-Man suits Tony designed for Peter had kill-modes in them which lets Spidey go bloodthirsty on any living thing. Making a minor go around murdering enemies is not exactly good mentorship. Oddly enough, this probably wasn’t even necessary; this kill-mode could’ve easily avoided with an incapacitate mode.



One of Stark’s biggest problems in the comic books is his alcoholism, and it has led to many unfavourable events in his life. MCU successfully captures this side by also giving Tony the same tendency and coupling it with palladium poisoning. That made Tony Stark’s life quite messy.

As a result, he hurt the people who cared about him and pushed them away too while making new enemies and all sorts of poor decisions. Luckily, Tony came back full 180-degrees thanks to the Avengers initiative and a bit of Nick Fury wisdom. In the end, it was all worth it as Tony Stark saved the universe.

What do you think was the most shameful moment in his life? Let us know in the comments below!

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