5 Anime Characters Re-Imagined As Marvel Superheroes


 5 Anime Heroes Re-envisioned As Marvel Heroes

With Marvel Studio’s What-If animated series, based on the Marvel Comics, slated to release in 2021, we’re looking forward to watching alternate versions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. As we know, Marvel has created dozens of different universes over the years. One of our favourites is the Mangaverse. A world in which most of our favourite characters are reimagined as anime/manga heroes.

So, to celebrate Marvel Studio’s What-If series and to pay homage to the Mangaverse, we’d like to present Five Anime Characters re-envisioned as Marvel’s Avengers.



(Art by theCHAMBA)


Fun Fact: Stan Lee created our friendly neighbourhood superhero with fly as an inspiration. Before settling for the name, Lee tried out a few others like Mosquito-Man, and Insect-Man, Fly-Man before coming up with Spider-Man. Our Spidey did not hit theatres until 2005.

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Taking Spider Man’s personality into account, he is fit for almost any other anime crossover. Isn’t that cool? Even Artist theCHAMBA had difficulty deciding between DBZ, Naruto, or One Piece — so instead of settling for only one they went ahead and crossed the Web-Head over with all three of those beloved franchises. 





(Art by LunaFromEarth)

So, if neither Spider-Man, Captain America, or Black Widow are founding Avengers – who the heck started this team? Well, we haven’t mentioned Antman or the Hulk yet. And according to the sources Marvel’s iconic Jade Giant is believed to be a founding Avenger!

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There’s only anime character who’s got the same anger issues and raw strength that The Hulk has – Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. Just imagine what would have happened if these two titans fused! Well, that’s what artist LunaFromEarth did for us- and this perpetually pissed-off powerhouse is the result; Broly, the Legendary Hulk.





(Art by Jei-Shephard)

Fun Fact: Thor was the God of Thunder in the heavenly kingdom of Asgard until his father, Odin, banished him to Earth for his arrogance. His mind was transferred to the body of a disabled doctor called Donald Blake to deprive him of his unchallenging strength. Thor the Thunderer gears up to stop his adopted maniacal brother, Loki, in turn joining with the other heroes to form the Avengers.

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Sailor Jupiter is a battle-hardened anime hero who loves to fight, just like Thor. Artist Jei-Shephard also noticed this similarity between these two characters and decided to merge them and give result to our imagination – our very own Sailor Thor.




(Art by AndiMoo)

So, the Wasp was the team’s heart while the Hulk was the Muscle of the Avengers and Thor brought somewhat limited god-like powers and wisdom to the table. However, it’s none other than our Iron Man who combined the whole package – he brought all of Stark Industries and his ingenious mind on the front, making the Avengers a compelling force.


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And we can’t deny that Franky the cyborg is reasonably the only anime of the Straw Hat pirates that has the most in common with Tony Stark. Artist AndiMoo gave our imagination a picture and merged these two characters – hence creating Franky Stark. AndiMoo has a fantastic series of Avengers x One Piece art pieces over on DeviantArt. Do check out their collection when you get free!



(Art by Ichikawa Ikawa )


We would leave this one as food for thought. Let us get your creativity churn and see who comes up with who. Don’t forget to comment down below. According to popular belief, Captain America is the leader of the Avengers. And, there’s no way denying it. All thanks to MCU as well as numerous games and TV shows for putting that idea out there. However, we do know that Cap isn’t even a founding member of the team – he did not team up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes until Avengers #4.

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Captain America surely doesn’t have the most dazzling powers out of all the Avengers, nor is he the most powerful. But, Steven Rogers always had tons of heart and courage, even before Super Soldier Serum transformed him. Similarly, is the case with Izuku “Deku” Midoriya – who risked his life to save others from All-Might. For now, we couldn’t think of a better combination of heroes. We have Ichikawa Ikawa trying their hands on with this combination.

Let us know in the comments who would you rather crossover our Avengers with?


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