The Famous Cop Series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is back

On April 21, 2020, a tweet by Dan Goor made the fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine happier than ever as he announced on Twitter about Season 8 of the famous cop sitcom which turned into a series of tweets by the cast and led to reveal a lot of things.


The famous cop sitcom revolves around a precinct and New York’s finest yet funniest detectives which stole the hearts of the audience. Andy Samberg aka Jake Peralta has always been a great actor with his jokes and his acting as using the words “Noice” instead of nice, using the word “cool” repeatedly in awkward situations and many more made his character more fun.


Even though FOX Studios dropped Brooklyn Nine-Nine in 2018 at Season 5, the show had so much potential that NBC picked it up the very next day. Even with a lot of criticism, the show has managed to survive and has gained the hearts of the audience.

The show kicked off with Andre Braugher’s Captain Raymond Holt an openly gay African American detective of the New York City Police Department which became groundbreaking, his character made a serious impact as it showed that the character complements his sexuality defying every offensive stereotype of the book.

Gina Linetti is back.


Earlier Chelsea took a break from the show after having a lot of discussions with Dan and Andy then telling the fans with her tweet that she hasn’t completely left. In a reply to the tweet which Dan Goon made on April 21, 2020, Chelsea announced that her character is back which led to a series of tweets from the cast.

Later to Chelsea’s controversial tweet Stephanie Beatrix aka Rosa Diaz replied: “Already on it.“This led to a series of tweets to which Marc Evan Jackson aka Kevin tweeted about the renewal of his and Holt’s marriage vows.

Jake Peralta is the Best Detective/Genius!


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