Stan Lee Gets A New York Street Named After Him

Stan Lee is known around the world as the creator of the Marvel series and the comic book legend and he is all set to be honored in a new way. The city of New York has decided to honor Lee by naming a street after him. Lee has gathered many accolades and worked for various companies throughout his career.

Regardless, it was the Marvel series that helped him attain this amount of fame while getting him to the top.

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Stan Lee has created iconic fictional characters like The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Hulk as well as the X-Men, etc. He is also one of the most important and notable figures when it comes to Eastern comics, this is because he also has the experience of working in Japanese animation as well as Manga.

Along with different realms of comics, Lee has also been behind the producer’s seat in live-action TV productions and shows. He has also lead many productions as the head of his entertainment company called POW!

Stan Lee’s Filmography

Stan Lee is also known for his legendary cameos in some of the most successful movies in Hollywood. A majority of these movies are the live-action Marvel films, like X-Men (2000). He is famous for his cameo as the “Tony Stank” delivery man. He also cameoed as a strip club DJ in Deadpool as well as the librarian in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Lee’s final cameo in the Marvel series was in Avengers: Endgame, where he played the character of a 1970s hippie. His character was seen driving outside Camp Lehigh with his wife. It was after this cameo, in November 2018, that Stan Lee sadly passed away.

New York’s Honour Of The Legend

To commemorate the life that Stan Lee had, along with his achievements, New York will name a street after him. A proposal was recently approved by the City Council to co-name University Avenue as the “Stan Lee Way”.

This street is in the Bronx. As of now, only the Mayor’s signature is needed to complete the proposal.

Lee’s Life And Accolades

Stan Lee has an old connection not just to the city of New York, but also to University Avenue. He was born near Manhattan and went on to live on University Avenue for most of his life.

Moreover, he even attended high school in The Bronx. Until the 1980s, Lee continued to live and work from New York after which he moved to the West Coast. New York is also evident as a backdrop in many of his works, the most famous of which is Spider-Man.

Simply naming a street after him is not a big tribute for a legend like Lee, as Marvel fans argue. Yet, it is one of the many efforts to pay tributes to this amazing writer, cameo legend and artist.

He is someone who gave so much to New York, if not the whole world. So, the “Stan Lee Way” is still one of the better ways to remember him.

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