The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt Episode 4: Release Date and Spoilers

Catch the latest hot anime among this season’s airing shows! If you’re looking for a fun series with an equally funny main protagonist, this is the one for you. The latest episode was yet again an enjoyable one. A new character is introduced and we get a look into Prince Wein’s old academy days. To find out about The Genius Prince’s Guide Episode 4, head down below. 

About The Genius Prince’s Guide 

The story revolves around the character of Prince Wein who is given the responsibility to run the Kingdom of Natra as Regent after his father, King Owen collapses from illness. Accompanied by his beautiful and capable aide, Ninym Ralei, Wein maintains the image of a genius prince who is extremely competent and leads the nation with an iron hand. However, behind the scenes, Wein constantly laments about the duties that have been shoved on him and harbours a fantasy of living a quiet life by selling off his kingdom and escaping from his duties.

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Recap of The Genius Prince’s Guide Episode 3

  • Prince Wein welcomes Princess Lowellmina of Earthwold Empire who has just arrived. He’s surprised to find that she comes with the purpose to offer a marriage proposal.
  • An even bigger surprise is when she reveals herself to be Wein and Ninym’s military academy friend, Lowa.

The Genius Prince's Guide Episode 3

  • Wein is suspicious of her intentions as she usually got them into trouble in their academy days too. He thinks that there’s no way she only came to get married and must surely be scheming something.
  • Over dinner, they mainly engage in polite talk and Wein offers to present her with the clothing of the Natra kingdom and Lowa accepts. Later, some attendants arrive to give this present. Turns out it’s actually Wein and Ninym who are hiding inside the chests.
  • The three of them reunite and talk about their school days. Then, Wein asks her about her real reason for coming here. Lowa requests Wein to join her in her goal to take the empire, with her as the empress and push away the other three princes.

The Genius Prince's Guide Episode 3

  • After their talk, Wein tells Ninym that Lowa was definitely bluffing about needing their cooperation. He’s also suspicious of a recent flow of weapons inside Natra.
  • Later, when Ninym is spending time with Lowa, and Wein is helping his sister Falanya with her studies, he is interrupted by one of his men. He reveals that they managed to confiscate the weapons that they’re investigating and says that they’re not made in Natra.
  • Wein realizes that there might be potential danger lurking and he tells his man to prepare to send a letter immediately.
  • We also get a sweet flashback of an interaction between Lowa and Wein back in their school days near the end of the episode. It really helps viewers understand the nature of their history.

What Can Happen in The Genius Prince’s Guide Episode 4? 

  • The previous episode ended with Lowa contemplating Wein’s tea party invitation the next morning. She knows that he won’t just invite her for small talk.

The Genius Prince's Guide Episode 3

  • It’s most likely Wein has invited her to interrogate her so that he can figure out what her true intentions are.
  • One thing for sure we can look forward to in the next episode, as per the usual tone of this series, is quick witty banter between Wein and Lowa.
  • We also saw Wein exclaiming Lowa’s name after his man gave him the news about the confiscated weapons in the last episode. So, it seems Lowa will be somehow connected to the recent flow of weapons in Natra that Wein was concerned about.

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Release Date of The Genius Prince’s Guide Episode 4

The Genius Prince’s Guide Episode 4 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Where to Watch? 

You can watch the series on sites such as Funimation, Wakanim and Muse Asia’s YouTube channel.


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