Demon Slayer’s Strongest Demons Ranked!

Twelve Kizuki and Muzan Kibutsuji

Watching Demon Slayer is always something that brings you joy and fear at the same time. While watching Tanjiro strive hard to protect Nezuko and his beloved family from the wrath and gluttony of demons fills your heart with warmth and love, the demons’ characters and appearances are written to terrify us and disgust us.

Right from the start, the demons evoke a strong emotional and bodily response of fear and disgust. In a few cases, they evoked pity too when we learnt that they had pretty troubled lives as humans, which made them easier targets for Muzan’s twisted and selfish plans.

If you have watched the series and also read the manga, you have come across the term, “Demon Moons”. They are introduced as the scariest and strongest demons who can even overwhelm a Hashira in battle, especially the Upper Demon Moons (Kizuki).

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We have compiled a list of all the strongest demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba after doing some research and ranked them according to how well they fought in the entire series. The ranking will begin from the weakest and proceed accordingly.

Spoiler Warning: Contains Manga Spoilers


Kaigaku was exceptionally gifted in mastering the Thunder Breathing Style, to the point where Jigoro desired Zenitsu to follow in his footsteps. After Daki and her brother Gyutaro perished, he was promoted to Upper Rank 6. Along with their instructor, he was Zenitsu’s classmate.

Upper Moon 6 Kaigaku: Powers and Abilities Explained! - OtakuKart


Kaigaku’s Thunder Breathing has evolved allowing him to wield the power of lightning and electricity after gaining a Blood Demon Art.

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Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art and tactics enable him to effortlessly outclass ordinary demons.   Gyokko was able to overpower and hold the Muichiro Tokito back for the majority of their fight, even bringing him to the edge of death in his encounter. He survived Muzan Kibutsuji’s decapitation and eventually sealed the wound and reattached his head.

Gyokko: Strongest Demons of Demon slayer



Hantengu’s main form displays a cowardly demeanour. He was easily terrified by what happened around him, displaying paranoia, dread, and hallucination.

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Hantengu: demon slayer

Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art allows him to make four clones of himself, each with the same level of demon strength as an Upper Rank demon. When the four clones merged into one form, Zohakuten, he was able to fend off the three Demon Slayers as well as the Love Hashira once more.



Gyutaro was able to kill and eat at least fifteen Demon Slayer Corps Hashira. Gyutaro has the power to disconnect his “core” from his own body totally. This took the form of his right eye, which he implanted in the forehead of his sister Daki, enhancing and strengthening all of her abilities and powers.

 Demon Slayer: Gyutaro

Despite the siblings being two distinct individuals, they share a body. He is, however, proven to be more powerful than his sister, holding the Upper Rating Six rank.

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Daki is a formidable Upper Rank demon, having been personally recognised by Muzan as a “special demon.” Her skills are superior to Zenitsu’s Thunderclap and Flash techniques. Her strength is incomprehensible as a result of her consumption of seven Hashira.

Daki: Strongest Demons of Demon Slayer

Daki has a higher IQ than the typical person. She went almost a century without being detected luring and trapping courtesans. She and her sibling work well together, allowing them to deliver fatal combos that may even overwhelm Hashiras.

Strongest Demons: Domo

Domo is Upper Moon 2 who murdered Inosuke’s mother and Shinobu Kocho‘s sister. Since then, Shinobu has vowed to take revenge for the wrongful death of her sister.


Domo has a calm demeanor and charismatic leader of a cult who tricks his followers and uses his status to eat young women. He is utterly incapable of feeling any emotion.

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Even when he was a human, Doma stated that he never felt any emotion and the concept of feeling was utterly unfamiliar to him. Despite his disinterest, he became enraged when Kanao mocked his ability to feel real emotions, abandoning his gentle demeanour and attempting to murder her.

Domo: Upper Rank 2 Demon Slayer


This  gives him the time to process, comprehend, and analyse any scenario without being slowed down by emotions. In battle, his combat expertise combined with tremendous cryokinetic Blood Demon Art can easily defeat Shinobu Kocho, the Insect Hashira.

Strongest Demons: Akaza

Akaza is ranked as the third strongest demon though many consider him stronger than Domo too. Akaza has murdered many strong Hashira including the tragic death of Rengoku, the Flame Hashira.

Demon-Slayer-Season-2 Akaza

He was able to physically overpower both Tanjiro and Giyu during the final battle at the Infinity Castle, despite the fact that their strengths were comparable to that of Hashira-level swordsmen. They were also utilising their Demon Slayer Marks, and Tanjiro could only defeat him by activating his selfless state. His Compass Needle technique is a physical manifestation of his extrasensory sensing skill.

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Strongest Demons: Kokushibo

Kokushibo was previously a demon slayer before he turned into a demon after a bitter sibling rivalry turned sour. He has ties to many pivotal characters in the series. He is the brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who helped start the Demon Slayer Corps organization and mastered the Sun Breathing technique.

Kokushibo Strongest Demons of Demon Slayer

Kokushibo was an immensely strong demon so much so that he was the most powerful of the Twelve Kizuki. His strength comes second to only the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji. It took a combination of tactfully planned attacks from the strongest demon slayers, Gyomei, Sanemi, Muichiro, and Genya, to even injure him seriously.

His battle expertise and might were so great that it chilled Akaza, Upper Moon 3, to the bone. As a Demon Slayer, his talents of Constant Total Concentration Breathing, paired with his newly acquired Demon Slayers, make him the most lethal opponent.


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