The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2: Release Date and other details

Fans of the anime The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter have been looking forward to the second season since the completion of season 1. The comedy elements of the series with an interesting fantasy plot make it enjoyable to watch for the viewers. Since it is of the Harem genre, it presents a male protagonist surrounded and loved by many female characters.

Based on a light novel series of the same name written by Meguru Seto and illustrated by Note Takehana, it is animated by Okuruto Noboru and Kenta Onishi serves as the director. So if you are one of those fans anxiously waiting for an update from the creators, we have gathered here everything you need to know.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2: Will it be renewed?


Season 1 aired from January 9, 2021 till March 27, 2021 with a total of 12 episodes. As for The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter season 2, the production team has not released any statement on its renewal status.

The comeback of the show usually depends on the popularity and success of the series, and we can safely say that the anime received positive reviews from both the viewers and critics. So this shows that we can keep our expectations big regarding the continuation of the series.

Nevertheless, we should also consider the availability of the original material. And since they were already used for the first season, until more volumes are created by Seto, the renewal will not be possible. But fret not, as the light novel is ongoing and there are chances of more volumes being released. Until then, let’s hope for the best and look forward to new updates from the makers.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2: What will happen?


The story centers around Noir, the third son of a minor noble family who discovers a dungeon and meets a legendary adventurer, Olivia Servant. She offers him three powerful skills, which changes Noir’s life and social ranking. He also makes use of the magic to improve his levels and enrols himself at Hero Academy.

If there is a second season, we might get to witness further exploration of the dungeon by Noir. A character named Mira appeared in the 12th episode of season 1, so we can expect to see more about her in the upcoming season.


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