The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter: What is this anime about and other details

The anime series Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter premiered on January 9, 2021 and has given us four episodes till now. Bilibili is streaming the series in Southeast Asia, while the fans outside of Asia can watch from Crunchyroll. It is confirmed that the show will run for 12 episodes.

The fantasy anime is an adaptation from the Japanese light novel series written by Meguru Seto and illustrated by Note Takehana. The novel was immensely well received by the audiences, which led to a manga adaptation.

Since the anime was recently released and is an ongoing show, it is too soon to make a commentary on the rating of the show. But due to its engrossing narrative and striking visuals, anime viewers have caught on already. Read on to find out about the new series plot and its amusing characters.

Hidden Danger Only I Can Enter: What is the anime about?

The series follows the story of Noir, who comes from an insignificant noble family. He obtains a rather peculiar ability that gives him fascinating wisdom but simultaneously, gives him severe headaches.  

As the story progresses, Noir discovers a hidden dungeon and comes across a legendary adventurer, Olivia Servant. She has been trapped there for centuries. She bestows him three abilities and mentors him to become powerful.

Who are the Characters of the anime?

Noir, the main protagonist of the show is a noble of a minor rank. He possesses an unusual gift that gives him great knowledge but at the same time experiences painful headaches if he uses it. 

Emma is a childhood friend of Noir and she specializes in using dagger during combat. She is known to have a sweet and kind personality. Emma has feelings for Noir, so she willingly allows him to kiss her to soothe his headache. 

Lola is a receptionist at the adventurer’s guild Odin. She is romantically attracted to Noir and considers Emma her rival. Though she seems calm, she is highly competitive and merciless.

Olivia, a superior adventurer who has been trapped in a dungeon for 200 years. She becomes Noir’s master and coaches him to upskill his powers so that he can rescue her from the curse.

If you haven’t watched the anime, do check it out! Because you will not regret it one bit. 

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