The Idhun Chronicles Season 3: Release date and what to expect

The Idhun Chronicles anime series is a Spanish fantasy action show produced by Zeppelin TV for Netflix. The series was launched on September 10, 2020, followed by a second season on January 8, 2021. The Netflix series is an adaptation of The Idhun’s Memories book saga by Laura Gallego.

The series follows the story of a Necromancer, Ashran, who imposes his reign of terror in Idhun along with his army of flying serpents. Jack and a band of teenagers start a fight to free Idhun from the control of the tyrant. After the release of the second season, viewers are wondering if a third season will be made. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Idhun Chronicles Season 3: What is the release date?

Initially, Netflix announced that the series will have 10 episodes in the first season. Author Laura Gallego also stated that it would cover the entire first volume La Resistencia (The Resistance). However, afterwards, it was released in two sets. Therefore, seasons 1 and 2 have five episodes each.

Coming back to season 3, the makers have not released any official statement. So we are left to speculate at this point. Besides Gallego announced on January 8, 2021 that there’s no agreement to adapt the second and third books, meaning Season 2 might be the last.

Nevertheless, Netflix has a history of renewing animated series. So we are convinced that they will come back with more episodes, if the popularity of the show keeps growing. Keep checking in for the latest updates!

What can we expect from The Idhun Chronicles season 3?

The previous seasons have used all the materials of the first book. If a third season is made, it will certainly be based on the second book ‘Triada’. We saw in the earlier episodes that the warriors don’t know that their resistance in Idhun has been annihilated. And they are walking into the trap set by Ashran.

Although Victoria and Kirtash can configure into their animal forms, Jack has still not discovered and awakened the dragon within him. We can expect the next season to center largely on this thread. 


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