Benedict Cumberbatch: The Man Behind Doctor Strange

A picture of man behind Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange was introduced a little later than the six OG Avengers, but he quickly caught up and became one of the most interesting characters.

We will be seeing more of him now that he has a lot of interns and brats to handle, namely, Loki, Wanda, and Peter, with a few joining in.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a genius actor, and there is no denying it. Here are some facts about the actor behind so many iconic roles.

Cumberbatch turns 45 today (July 19), we wish the marvelous actor a very Happy Birthday.

He Turned down Doctor Strange Role

Benedict Cumberbatch: The Man Behind Doctor Strange

Well, we don’t know what it is, but most of the MCU actors have actually turned down the roles but then somehow agreed and have entered into worldwide fame that they cannot deny.

But we can’t say the same for Cumberbatch. He was already a known player in Hollywood, but his fame just tripled with the Marvel role.

Anyway, Cumberbatch was the first choice for the role, and he turned down many times before finally accepting it. His reason was that he was already committed to playing Hamlet in London.

He likes to be thorough

Benedict Cumberbatch: The Man Behind Doctor Strange

Cumberbatch likes to be prepared. From reading every book of Arthur Conan Doyle to going to buy comics and reading up, he has done it all.

Once, he went to a comic book store to buy Doctor Strange comics while shooting and dressed as Doctor Strange


Does Benedict Cumberbatch have any social media accounts?

Benedict Cumberbatch: The Man Behind Doctor Strange

Actors are denied their privacy a lot, and one of the best ways to maintain even a strand of it is to stay away from social media.

Benedict Cumberbatch stays away from social media and keeps his personal life very private and away from fans.

He is related to many famous people

Benedict Cumberbatch: The Man Behind Doctor Strange

Well, we aren’t kidding when we say many. Cumberbatch is related to Arthur Conan Doyle and Alan Turing.

Cumberbatch played Sherlock Holmes that was written by Doyle and starred as Alan Turing in The Imitation Games. Now we have another reason why he was the perfect match for these roles.

Benedict Cumberbatch was kidnapped

Benedict Cumberbatch
As Sherlock Holmes

In 2005, while he was in South Africa, Cumberbatch was abducted at gunpoint by some locals. He, along with his two co-stars, was later dropped on the side of the road.

No explanation was given for the event, but it made him realize he needed to live his life to the fullest.

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