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The Witcher: Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

Unlike any other series, the Witcher has some crazy way of adding strength and uniqueness to each character in the Witcher Universe.

From Elves to Beasts, the way they were shown, and their strengths were unique. With the second season coming next year, we might be introduced to more powerful creatures and humans, but as of now, we would like to present to you the most powerful characters from season one.



The cursed princess, who prophesied Geralt of Rivia‘s destiny and made a non-emotional mutant like him to fall in love with her. She might be the twisted version of princesses we saw in the fairy tales, but man, was she strong!!

Of course, the only woman (other than Yennefer) who lasted long in a fight with Geralt. She made herself a goal to get her revenge and stayed on its courses no matter the obstacle. Even though we wish she had let it go and left Blaviken, we also understand the fire in her to get her revenge.


TRISS-MERIGOLD.jpgOne of the most underrated characters of the series. But she is in no way weak. Triss might be one of the powerful mages and the one with a pure heart.

It is said that we will see more of her in season 2 as she will be summoned by Geralt to take care of Ciri. In the Sodden battle, we saw just a small part of her powers when she guarded the gate and kept the soldiers from coming inside.



This annoying guy who goes on and on about White flame and will not stop at anything from finding Ciri is a powerful human; I’ll give you that. Without any magic whatsoever, he could defeat and knock out Vilgefortz of Roggeveen, one of the most potent and skillful mages in the Witcher Universe.

But still, he was helpless when Yennefer or the other mages made attacks through magic. All he was good at other than capturing some hostages and manipulating people is, in a sword fight.



This cold lady image she has created for her is just a layer, and we know it. But what many fail to notice is that she is more than just a professor. She chooses to stand by Sodden‘s people and asks to help Cintra even though they have rejected the mage’s help so many times.

Along with some of the most powerful mages, she stands guard for Sodden until Yennefer decides to take it into her own hands and finish the battle once and for all. She indeed became the mentor of the most powerful mage in history, but her powers are extraordinary too.



One thing that still haunts us is how a powerful mage like him lost to a human, like Cahir. Vilgefortz never used magic against Cahir, which he should’ve given that it could give him a significant advantage.

But according to book readers, it is said that he is one of the bad guys and that he could be working for Nilfgaardians. But how the series is going to portray is still unknown.



As annoying as she and her ambitions are, we would have to agree with the fact that she is one of the powerful characters in the series.

She brings a massive reform to otherwise spat on Nilfgaardians, leads them to war, gives them a purpose, manipulates them, and uses all kinds of dirty tricks so she can win.

From conjuring powers to sink the whole of King Eist’s army to making firebombs by sacrificing her people, it is clear that she is ruthless and powerful.



Borch, aka the Golden Dragon, appears to be a calm and composed guy who also happens to be a rare and fierce Dragon in the Witcher Universe.

He might be more powerful and be more up on this list, but since we didn’t see him in action other than spitting fire, we rank him fourth.



The mutant monster hunter, the beast, the Butcher of Blaviken, the Savior of Striga, phew, the names this hunk has in the series is just never-ending. Oh, wait, I forgot the White Wolf.

There is no equal to his sword-fighting capabilities, and there is no beast that could actually scare him. Ge gets hurt, too, but he is one of the strongest characters in the series. He might be the series’ hero, but there are more powerful characters in the series than him.



Daughter of Geralt through the law of surprise and the granddaughter of the lioness of Cintra is one of the most powerful beings in the Witcher Universe.

She is so small and has no idea whatsoever about her powers, but it was enough for her to kill all those men by just screaming. She obviously will become the most powerful, as we see people in this series often call her the weapon to salvation and all that.



The book’s fans might be shocked to see her this high in rank, but the series fans will give it a thumbs up. Thanks to the series writers, she was the most formidable opponent in season one of the show.

The naïve, insecure girl finally got her confidence when a man loved her, and she found out her powers, but it wasn’t enough. She then got a transformation, then did three decades of work which wasn’t pleasing to her, so then returns to where it all started.

She joins her mages of Sodden’s battle and, at first, just oversees everybody’s position.  But, when she sees that many had died already, she takes her mentor’s words and unbottles the chaos, single-handedly defeating the Nilfgaardian army.

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