10 Most Powerful Kingdoms in The Witcher World


The Witcher series might have been released one year back, but the hype has now been made double-fold. While very few new series are only available for fans to binge-watch, Witcher somehow makes the cut and slides into everyone’s list on Netflix.

While the series’s timelines are confusing AF, there are other properties of the series that are not clear. One among it is what are the powerful kingdoms in this imaginary universe and what are their strengths. Since Nilfgaard and Cintra are the most used names, people fail to notice the other domains.

So, here we present to you the strongest kingdoms of the Witcher Universe and its specialties.




Nilfgaard has come a long way. When you see the scene of the Nilfgaard’s prince coming to ask Queen Calanthe, Princess Pavetta’s hand in marriage, you see how they are insulted and sent back. But once the right heir of the throne is brought back, they become one of the most formidable armies there is.

Mainly because of its number of soldiers and the powerful no regulation magic. The devious mage of Nilfgaard, Fringilla Vigo, has her black magic over the soldiers, and they are brainwashed and hypnotized to do as per her commands.



Cintra, which is the Kingdom of the Weapon of the world, Princess Cirilla, is located at the mouth of the Northern Kingdom’s gateway. Led by Queen Calanthe, this Kingdom has the world’s best Knights, and the soldiers here are trained to be elite warriors.


But nothing could stop Nilfgaard from defeating the soldiers and taking over Cintra. Even though the main reason for their war on Cintra was revealed later, it’s not like Nilfgaard was just there for Ciri. If Queen had got the mages to help like Sodden did, with her powerful army and the group of mages that were willing to help, they could’ve easily won against Nilfgaard.

Queen Calanthe lost her power and might, which she had before, and the one who made Cintra formidable, after she lost her daughter. 



The empire of the favorite handsome grandfather of the series, King Eist Tuirseach. The Kingdom consists of a group of islands in the northern hemisphere. Even though they had lost their once-powerful stance, they still managed to maintain their strengths in the areas of need to make Nilfgaard worry about going to war with them.


They are best at sea and actually are an expert in shipbuilding next to Cidaris. But thanks to Fringilla, she drowned all of them at sea with her magic before they could reach Cintra to help the kingdom fight against Nilfgaard.



Remember Téa and Véa? They are from Zerrikania; they are killer archers and mighty warriors. They are led by a queen and worship dragons; thus, serving Borch, the Golden Dragon, was their utmost priority.

Separated from the rest of the world by so many geographical barriers, the Kingdom had ample time to build up its defense, resources, economy without any threat of invasion for the near future, thus making it a formidable enemy. They are known for using poisons and venoms extensively in times of battle.




The only Kingdom in the continent which has the economic resources to fight against Nilfgaard with more soldiers and win. 

With their primary income being Agriculture and mineral resources, they are one of the continent’s wealthiest kingdoms. They have queens and kings who are very good and skilled at warfare, that they have sent Nilfgaard running back every time they come for war.




Only non-human Kingdom that is seen as of now in the Witcher Universe. After the great cleansing, many magical creatures went to the forest of Brokilon for refuge.

The Dryad Queen rules the forest, and no human can enter the forest as it is protected with ancient magic and sorcery. They defy the humans and have successfully defended their own.

They took Ciri in even though she was a human and protected her. Dryad Queen didn’t want to let go of Ciri even when Mousesack came to fetch her.




The Kingdom with once all its glory in trade and commerce which connected the South to the North in all it’s trades is now a deserted kingdom with few survivors residing there.

The final episode of the series shows the mages defending the Kingdom and its people but couldn’t. Even though the reason for Nilfgaard to takeover is still not apparent, Yennefer and the gang finally make sure the great army is burnt to crisp.



The Kingdom in which Geralt of Rivia is often sent out from, but manages to go back in to find out what beast is killing all its people. The sage of the Kingdom is Triss Merigold. Temeria also has a secret Magical Research Institute for young women that are trained in Battle Magic in the Northern Shores.


Triss helps the Witcher find out some clues as to what kind of beast it is and how King Foltest bedded his sister and created a cursed offspring that is now terrorizing its citizens.



Kaedwen Wine and the Dun Banner is what the Kaedwen Kingdom is known for. Dun Banner is the infamous light cavalry that can chop off a thousand heads when they ride into battle with their horses.

It’s a small but flourishing Kingdom with fertile lands. They have defeated the Nilfgaardian troops and have sowed the seed of fear in the enemy’s heart.




Redania is known for its strong network of spies who can swoop into the enemy lines and kill the problem before blowing out. The recruits are trained in the art of espionage since childhood making them unaltering towards their goal.

They are not only good with espionage, but they also make sure to have the best army they could prepare so that when their war stopping tactics didn’t work, they can send in the force and get their win. They field one of the most massive armed troops within the Known World.

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