The Witcher Season 2: A Main Character To [Spoiler] In The Series


There are a lot of instances in the Witcher series where it drops the source materials and takes a turn of its own with the show. Nothing significant has been done yet, but it looks like the second season will finally be doing it.

Witcher’s Death


A new report suggests a scene back in October that featured a funeral-like scene for the Witcher, Eskel. This scene, which was shot at Hodge Close Quarry in the UK, featured Eskel’s corpse devoured by Wolves as part of Witcher’s funeral tradition.

This scene also featured other Witchers like Henry Cavill’s Geralt and Paul Bullion’s Lambert. The second season was supposed to be following the Blood Of Elves storyline, which doesn’t have any deaths of these central characters.

Now the second season is set in Kaer Morhen, where Geralt takes Ciri to train. Present there are other Witchers, Lambert, Eskel, Coën, and Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir.

How did Eskel die?

The reason for Eskel’s death is still unknown, while there are some rumors that it might be because of the battle in Kaer Morhen, which involves a Leshen and that is known to have some serious consequences.

None of these are confirmed yet, but something to note here is that none of the main characters die in the novel, and neither is there any funeral custom where Wolves devour the Witchers.

There are chances that the Witcher series writers came up with this and that killing Eskel might have a different spin to the event that took place in Kaer Morhen.

Production Updates


Actor Thue Posted Rasmussen was originally cast to play Eskel. However, after the delays caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Rasmussen was unable to complete his work and was eventually replaced by actor Basil Eidenbenz.

The series is reportedly set to wrap up filming in March. With the male lead Henry Cavill back on set after recovering from his injury, things should be back to speed on the sets of the Witcher.

There are a lot of changes from the novels. Notable ones are Francesca Findabair, the Elven sorceress, who will appear pregnant in the series, and Queen Meve, who will be significantly younger than her novel counterpart.

With the series’ release date not yet announced, Witcher fans have been holding their hope that it would be sometime this year. With an anime film set to release before the series, fans have a lot to look out for.

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