The Witcher Season 2: Henry Cavill Shares an Update on His Injury


Henry Cavill is one dedicated actor, and The Witcher is just bringing out the best in him.

After suffering a Hamstring Injury two weeks to Christmas, Cavill took a long break and went back home to heal.

Season 2 Setbacks


The Witcher series, which has had a lot of setbacks due to the pandemic and every consequence of it, faced its most significant setback when Cavill, the star of the show, was sent home with an injury.

To those who were unaware of this, Cavill got injured while filming for the Witcher. How and the details are not known, but all we know is he went home immediately.

Long Break

Even though Cavill took a long Christmas break and had fun updating his PC to the end, now he is back on the sets and is ready to bring the Witcher soon to us.

Even without Henry Cavill, the Witcher shoot progressed. They went on to film other scenes without the male lead, and that should’ve kept the schedule a little bit on time.

The Witcher season 2 was supposedly said to be done with filming by February after delays caused by the pandemic, but after Cavill’s injury, the shooting has been extended to March.

Cavill is Back!

With Cavill back on set with other Witchers, we knew he was doing better than before and was getting set to begin shooting.


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The things with Hamstring injuries are that if you push through the rehab process, then there are chances of complications to occur. So Cavill is taking it slow and steady.

Dedicated Actor

Cavill has been nothing but dedicated to this Netflix show. In a recent Instagram post, Henry Cavill updated his fans on his condition.

In the post, he is seen sharing about the rough mornings he has had and how the snow has been a factor of advantage to him.

The post, which racked up to 2.4 million likes within 24 hours, has made fans fall in love with him all over again, seeing his dedication.

According to the post, Cavill has shared that he wakes up at 4:30 every day in the morning to get a few hours of rehab. Early mornings like these and then spending the entire day shooting, that’s what dedication looks like.

The dedication Cavill has towards his work is just mind-blowing. Let’s just hope he recovers entirely soon and that we get to enjoy the Witcher season 2 by December this year.



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