Why Doesn’t Geralt Hunt Dragons?



There are many unanswered questions about Geralt and his moral code, and his past life, but one among them that got our attention was that he wouldn’t hurt a Dragon.

Heart of Warmth?

While we found out how his disbelief about a Golden Dragon’s existence turned out, many fans wondered what made the cold faced Witcher to show mercy towards fire-spitting beasts.

Have you seen some people who spend most of their time with animals, prefer the company of animals than humans? It looks like that’s the case with Geralt.

Like every other Witcher, we knew he goes hunting throughout the year until the Winter starts. So, most of their lives, he spends time with monsters, searching for them, or killing them.


Who is the better sidekick?


Now, that might probably be the reason why Geralt chose to tell Roach his story than Renfri or any other human. But that’s not the only reason Geralt restrains from killing beasts that are on the verge of extinction.

According to some fans, Geralt might sympathize with the beasts. According to their theory, they say that Geralt is also considered a beast according to many, and they treat him with disgust.

Also, from the books, we know that, including Geralt, there are very few Witchers left. So, there are chances that Geralt sees him and his kind as another form of Dragons or other creatures who are on the verge of extinction and sympathizes with them.


Harmless Beasts


Also, many creatures like the one they find on their way to the Dragons hunt don’t harm the people unless they are instigated. They probably are around looking for food, and if they are left quietly, they never hurt anyone.

Even though Geralt explains that clearly, we know how that one turned out, but thanks to the compassionate side of Geralt towards the Dragons and other creatures, our Witcher got to saw a Golden Dragon and agreed it’s not a myth anymore.

Well, the incident did bring Geralt and Yennefer closer; even though it lasted only for some time, we did get a confirmation or more of a prophecy from the Golden Dragon himself that they won’t end up together.

We do side with Geralt on this one; if a beast or an animal doesn’t harm us, why attack it or kill it? Why not let them live their life peacefully?

Anyhooo, with Triss Merigold coming to Kaer Morhen soon, maybe we will get to see hers and Geralt’s story start bringing in the heat.





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