The Witcher Season 2 Budget to Match Marvel’s



Gone are the days movies meant Theatres, and series meant TV! Netflix and so many streaming services have arrived and made it even more convenient to make us eat junk and lay on the couch all day.

Favourite Pass-time

Netflix went all out this year, considering it was the number one preferred way of spending time in the quarantine. People have been binge-watching like never before, and Netflix is making sure it does everything it can to keep it that way.

After adding so many new releases to the list and releasing original content, Netflix has renewed many new original series and has dropped out around 25 new series this year.

It’s like there is always something new to watch on Netflix, so saying Netflix is pulling all stops to keep up with the audiences is an understatement. With so many new science fiction series going around, fans still missed the feel of Game of Thrones.

Streaming is the future.


Many fans were yearning for something like GOT to be made so that they can immerse themselves in the fictional world. The Witcher, an adaption from a set of Polish short stories, came to the rescue of bored fans worldwide.

With Marvel set to start its Phase 4 from January 15, 2020, all the other fictional universes are trying to match up to it. While recently, DC, the long self-claimed rival of Marvel, has also announced it will follow Marvel’s pattern of phase 4 (movies and continuation spin-off series).

Battle of the streaming platforms


With these two comic giants fighting for the first spot with their new streaming services and unique original content, which can make every fan shift to them rather than Netflix, The Witcher, which garnered over 70 million views, is now being produced on par with Marvel shows in the budget area.

According to insiders, it is said that Netflix is pulling all stops and making sure it gives it’s best with The Witcher season 2 production. While this is not confirmed news, we know that it might be true considering the traffic Witcher brought for Netflix last year, even before Covid-19.

With so many new things announced for 2021 and a new strand of mutant Coronavirus in the market, it looks like 2021 will also require a lot of binge-watching and couch-sleeping.

So we are not stopping with just one streaming app; bring it on Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix, Prime, and HBO Max!!!




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