The Witcher Season 2 Casts Two Stars From Bridgerton

The Witcher

It’s high time we saw an excellent old crossover between the dark and psychotic The Witcher show and the shiny and cheesy Bridgerton.

The Hit Shows Of Netflix

Netflix has been the most preferred streaming platform in many countries for years. Even though it was well known, the streaming giant had its own disadvantages.

No matter what show Netflix did on its own, it didn’t seem to hit it off with the audiences. Then came The Witcher, which not only raked views in millions but was also a massive hit amongst its originals.

One of the most profited businesses in this pandemic might just be Netflix.

Breaking Records and Broken Records


Until the Witcher was released, the writers had no idea it will be this huge a hit, then came the laurels from fans. The Witcher set so many records, but it didn’t last long.

Long before we knew it, Bridgerton came over and broke every record of The Witcher. Another hit original show for Netflix meant a big deal for the streaming giant.

With the Witcher gearing for the release of its second season, we are sure that it will kick Bridgerton’s butt.

Multi-Million Dollars Crossover

Who wouldn’t love a crossover, right? We loved it when Disney stars did it! Well, this isn’t exactly that, though.

The second season of The Witcher is preparing for the big fight between Reince and Geralt in Oxenfurt. We were told that we would finally get to see Nenneke too.

Guess what? Those characters just got glamorous and more interesting as the two Bridgerton stars have been cast to play those roles in the second season.

Mother Figure & The Nemesis

Lady Danbury

Nenneke in the story is kinda like a mother to Geralt. She is tough and looks like she doesn’t give a hoot, but she actually cares for him.

This role will be played by the one person who actually pulled the no drama, no-nonsense mother figure in Bridgerton, Lady Danbury.

Adjoa Andoh, who played the strong and firm caretaker of Duke Hastings, will be starring in the Witcher as Nenneke.

Next comes the most expected character Rience.


Chris Fulton, who played the role of Sir Philip Crane, who offered to marry Marina in place of his dead brother, will be playing Rience’s role.

Chris Fulton had a small role in Bridgerton, but in The Witcher, it might as well be the most expected character in the second season.

Let’s wait and watch as these characters adapt to new ones.

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