The Witcher Season 2: Release Date Announced In The New Images!


The Witcher sure does have a way of having its audience hooked even now.

Six Days of Witchmas

The Witcher official page online had announced a Game where the fans choose between a sincere gift or Law of Surprise. Without any surprise, fans have opted for the second option for the first two days.

On the first day, the ‘Law of Surprise‘ won, and the account shared old pictures of Jaskier. On the second day, as usual, Law of Surprise won, and fans were in a world of a treat.

Three Eggs For Christmas

Netflix shared three images as a hint for the now shooting, second season. The three images were filled with Easter eggs and clues about what is about to come. We have four days of these celebrations left, and we hope we get more hints!!


In the three images shared by Netflix, what do we find? Well, the first image has four swords stuck into a block with one sword lying on the table, which is placed in front of it. The center sword appears to be that of the one Witchers carry but not the one we saw Geralt carry around in Season one.

So, either he lost the sword or broke it in a battle, or it is lying deep inside a monster somewhere, so he had to replace it, or the sword in the book and the one in the series is different.

Scoia’tael or Elven?

The second image is what is still a debate between fans. Some say it’s the insignia of Scoia’tael, while some say it looks Elven. The third one is a set of medallions hanging. Without a doubt, it’s the School of Wolf’s Witcher medallions, and with many hanging, it might indicate the arrival of other Witchers in the second season.

Scoia’tael Banner

Release Date

While some fans speculate too much from these images, some theories make sense. Some fans have been taking these images too seriously and thinking that Netflix is teasing us with a release date.

Given that the production has suffered so much delay, there are very few chances that Netflix is sure of a release date. However, there are chances that we might get to see the second season in December of 2021.

We still have four days left, and it looks like ‘Law of Surprise’ is leading for the third day, too, so let’s see what we get today!

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