Thor: Love and Thunder: Hilarious and A Touching Movie


While we wait for the phase 4 products to start releasing, all we as ardent Marvel fans can do is sit and speculate as much as we can.

The Horse has spoken.

But now we need not speculate as we have heard from the Horse’s mouth itself….actually Flying Horse’s mouth?? Okay, I won’t make bad puns like these anymore, I swear!

Tessa Thompson, known to us as our Kick-Ass Valkyrie, was seen promoting her new movie Sylvie’s Love. Like any other Marvel star’s fate when they take any interview whatsoever, even if it has nothing to with Marvel, Tessa was also prepared to answer Marvel questions coming her way.

Did she or Didn’t she?

US actress Tessa Thompson attends the “Men In Black: International” premiere at AMC Lincoln Square on June 11, 2019, in New York City. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

In fact, it looked like she was prepared to answer, and it might look like she leaked some crucial information, but we don’t think so. Marvel probably gave her a dos and don’ts list.

Anyway, moving on to why I am rambling, while Tessa was asked about Thor: Love and Thunder by Entertainment Tonight, she was frank and may or may not have given us info on what the movie is about.

The Script is Ready!

While she confirmed that she would be in the film along with the already confirmed cast, she also said that she would be joining the crew early next year.

While she was in a strict contract with Marvel where she can’t reveal anything more, she did tell us how the movie will be. While she secretly confirmed that the script is ready and has already read it, she said a few lines about the movie.

“I’m very excited. I just actually read the newest draft the other day, and it is hilarious. It’s very, very funny and actually very touching.”

Funny and Emotional

Thor: Love and Thunder

Given that Taika Waititi is writing the movie, we knew it would be a riot, but we didn’t expect it to be an emotional one. Even though fans had previously suggested that Jane and her cancer treatment part is a tear-jerker in the comics, we didn’t realize its extent.

But now with the announcement of Gorr the Butcher making his appearance and this Cancer treatment of Jane part added to the film which was confirmed by Natalie Portman, we thought it might be just a sad movie unlike what Taika Waititi is capable of, but Thompson has restored it.

Keeping it hilarious while at the same time making people emotional, well, who better to do that than Taika himself, exhibit A, Jojo Rabbit.


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