The Witcher: Geralt’s Disability Will Be Covered In The Coming Seasons


Before we get into the details, let us take a minute to appreciate the fact that a lead in a famous sci-fi series will finally be shown with a disability.

Finally, after so many years!

It is typical for fantasy novels and series to erase these kinds of things from their lead character and make them perfect in many ways possible.

In this decade, we have started to see heroes who have contradictory and negative feelings sometimes, which makes them normal like any of us, so we thought it would take another decade before they add disability to the mix, but guess we were wrong. Well, we would gladly be proven wrong in things like this.

What is Geralt’s disability?


Well, according to the novel, by the end of Time of Contempt, the monster hunter faces a more significant injury than usual, shattering his elbow and thig. Geralt is in a world of pain and is seen screaming with pain and agony.

As it is in every work of fiction, he is healed soon when the Dryads find him. According to the novel, even the Waters of Brokilon couldn’t wholly heal Geralt as he is seen to have Chronic Pain now and then and is also seen often limping thereon.

Failed to Adapt in the Video Games!

But the Video Game adaptation erased this part. A fan notified this on Twitter, which had the Witcher fans talking. It is not unusual for the adaptations to drop some characteristics, but what the fan wanted to bring out to everyone’s attention was something good and noble, and something writers and directors should consider doing from now on.

It got the attention it should!

The Twitter user mentioned Geralt’s disability in the novel and the way Video Game of the same handled it, and how the series should take it. This not only got the fans’ attention but also got the attention of Lauren S Hissrich.

The showrunner responded to the tweets directly and said that she is excited to dig into this and make sure to add this layer to the hero of the series. This was supposed to be done long back by every writer, but finally, we have a series that is as famous as the Witcher portraying the role of its hero with a disability.

According to the novel, Geralt’s disability will cause him to limp a little, and that makes it a bit hard for him to carry on his day to day stuff like riding his Horse, Roach. We should wait a little longer to determine what aspects of this disability are being added to the series.

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