The World Ends With You: Why the OP was changed a day before the premiere

Through the official page of the anime The World Ends With You it was announced that the song ‘Teenage City Riot’ by the band ALI, will no longer be the opening after the drummer of this band was arrested.

This was the tweet posted by the official Twitter account:

The police and Sony Music  have reported the arrest of Kadio Shirai. Although at the moment the reasons are unknown, the band’s site speaks of a “scandal.”

They have stated that they would “continue to monitor the ongoing investigation and handle the situation accordingly.”

The anime based on the popular Square Enix video game is scheduled to premiere its first chapter for this Friday.

For the moment, Square Enix has put the opening in private on YouTube. It’s unknown how they will find a replacement so soon.

Fans who have been eager to watch the premiere were surprised, and are curious how this issue will be managed:

The ALI band was also in charge of theme songs for anime series like Beastars, Jujutsu Kaisen and Noblesse.


An asocial teenager, Neku Sakuraba, mysteriously finds himself a part of the Reapers’ Game, and must make allies to complete the game’s missions if he wants to survive.

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