Thor: Love and Thunder- Thor’s been counting the minutes since he last saw Jane

Although Thor has had plenty on his mind in the last few years in the MCU, his off-screen estrangement from former romantic partner Jane Foster has been a sore spot for him. In the latest trailer, Thor sheepishly recites the exact amount of time he has been separated from Jane (“Eight years, seven months, and six days”) as they reconnect following her debut as Mighty Thor. And even though Thor tries to act as nonchalant as possible about being reunited with Jane, it’s clear this twist of fate has him in his feelings.

Portman’s last live-action appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World,” although she was seen in “Avengers: Endgame” through the magic of reused “The Dark World” footage. Of course, MCU fans have known Portman was set to return to the “Thor” series ever since San Diego Comic-Con 2019. The teaser trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder” gives us our first look at the character’s new costume, but this full-length trailer is our most complete look at Mighty Thor yet.

Although the former Avenger is shocked to see Jane appear in the midst of what appears to be an intense battle sequence, it’s not as if Thor’s former lover hasn’t been on his mind. In fact, given the extreme precision of his response about the last time the two interacted, he appears more infatuated with Jane than ever before. In another scene, Thor congratulates Jane on her battle prowess as Mighty Thor, telling her. We then get an indication that Mighty Thor is doing her best to play it cool, remarking, “It’s just my first bad guy.” In response, Thor replies, “You never forget your first,” without a single lick of irony.

Additionally, at the 1:44-second mark, two forearm-guard-clad warriors in capes appear to embrace pinky fingers. Although we can’t be sure, something tells us that Thor and Mighty Thor could become an item once more.

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