To Your Eternity Episode 14 Release Date, Plot, and Other Details

To Your Eternity Episode 13 was released on the 12th of July 2021. The new episode covered the aftermath of the death of Gugu and Fushi trying hard to come to terms with it. To Your Eternity explores a lot of emotional episodes and universal experiences of trauma and pain in detail. 

The short episode of roughly 20 minutes ended on a huge cliffhanger. Let’s explore the details of the release date and plot of To Your Eternity Episode 14. 

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About The Anime

To Your Eternity tells the tale of an immortal being called Fushi who has the ability to adopt multiple forms. He can take on the form of anyone who makes a lasting impression on him with their personalities.

To Your Eternity Episode 13

Initially, he is an orb that descends onto earth but his origins are never revealed. He has become a rock, a wolf, and the form he takes is that of a young boy. 

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To Your Eternity Episode 13 Recap

To Your Eternity Episode 13 explored two important plot trajectories that will take the plot further. At the beginning of the episode, it highlighted the emotional turmoil of Fushi after Gugu got murdered. He’s desperately trying to find meaning and purpose in life and questioning his own existence after that traumatic experience.

To Your Eternity Episode 13

He’s being followed by a man in a black robe, who tells him to become stronger to protect his loved ones from the Nokkers. He tries to run away from his own existence but the man in black robe forces him to come face to face with his own shortcomings. The man, who is his de-facto parent, tells him that he is the mechanism to preserve the information of this peculiar land.

Fushi Is Forced To Face His Weakness To Grow
Fushi Is Forced To Face His Weakness To Grow

Later, he meets Pioran, whose insistence on her joining him on his journey is actively resisted by Fushi himself. Their journey is full of sublime fun as they eat food and fish together while camping in caves. Meanwhile, Fushi is trying to make sure that the Nokkers don’t hurt his loved ones or innocent people. 

For that, he has to find a place to train peacefully without anyone getting hurt. Pioran tells him that there’s an island where they can train without any harm and worries. However, something goes wrong and they board the wrong ship, taking them to an island for prisoners who’ve carried out the most diabolical crimes. 

Fushi and Pioran in the wrong ship
Fushi and Pioran on the wrong ship

Now, he has to find Pioran and escape the island together with her. But he has to fight battles in a gladiator-like fighting arena to rescue her.

To Your Eternity Episode 14 Release Date

The new episode will be released on 19 July 2021 at 10:50 PM JST. The release time differs for different regions.

To Your Eternity Episode 14 Preview and Spoilers

The next episode will follow him struggling to win battles in a fighting arena. Though he’s not very strong at the moment, he has to rise to the occasion and become stronger. Will he be able to rescue Pioran? Will he be defeated and forced to escape without the sweet old woman?

To Your Eternity Episode 13

Where To Watch To Your Eternity Episode 14

You can catch the latest To Your Eternity episodes on Crunchyroll.

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