Tokyo Revengers Chapter 219 Release Date, Leaks, and Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 explored and highlighted the internal workings of this mysterious gang called Brahman. In the previous chapters, we saw how Toman has disbanded with Mikey fleeing to Kantou Manji Gang while Draken and Takemichi to Brahman.

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Furthermore, Kantou and Brahman seem to be heading to war with each other. Therefore, fans can’t wait to see what’s brewing and what it means for our dear protagonists. Will Toman ever regroup and be the gang we love so much? Also, is the friendship between Kawaragi Senju and Takemichi developing a romantic dimension?

If you wish to know more about the release date and spoilers of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 219, read further! We’ve got everything covered.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 219 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 219 will be getting released on August 25, 2021. There are no delays fortunately and we’re glad to know that. There are no spoilers at the moment but we can get a better idea of what’ll happen next chapter when the raw scans get released either on August 22 or 23.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Recap

Here’s everything that happened in the previous chapter:

  • The Brahman Gang’s sources of revenues are revealed. We see how Senju has been running the fuel that runs the Brahman machine.
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215
Takemichi meets Senju, a Brahman leader
  • This gang offers protection to all the businesses and in this way, influences their operations.
  • We also get a glimpse of the underground scene called B1, with the fights between members live-streamed. The viewers watch the fights and place bets.
  • The grand meeting of the Brahman Gang is shown, where Takemichi is inducted as the newest gang member. Senju’s hold and influence in the gang are depicted amazingly.
  • There was an announcement of an official war between Brahman, Kantou Manji Gang, and Rokuhara Tandai. This news has dire implications for the ex-Toman members as old rivalries and friendships threaten to add new dimensions to the brewing conflict. It’ll be interesting to see both Draken and Takemichi facing off with Mikey.
  • Senju and Takemichi might be going on a date. But will Takemichi forget his love for Hinata, the woman for whom he went back to the past many times to save her?

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 219 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers

The spoilers for the upcoming chapter aren’t released yet. However, there are some speculations that seem possible:

  • Senju and Takemichi will go on a date.
  • The real motives of Draken and Mikey will be revealed soon, which will have dire implications for Toman’s future.
  • Will Mikey be persuaded to leave Kantou Manji?
  • We’ll get to see how prepared the other two gangs are and what strategies and men they’ll employ in the fight.
  • We still have no idea what Takemichi’s vision about Senju’s death is. Is that a looming possibility and will Takemichi be able to solve it?

Where To Read Tokyo Revengers

You can read the latest chapters on Mangamo and Kodansha.


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