Blue Lock Chapter 143 Release Date, Leaks, and Spoilers

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Blue Lock Chapter 143 holds the key to revealing the victor of the most epic and ground-breaking match in the history of Blue Lock. The match between Blue Lock and Japan U-20 has come to a screeching peak as fans get hyped up to see what happens next.

The match isn’t just about Team X VS Team Y. Rather, the outcome of this match is made direr by the sibling rivalry between Rin and his brother. The two teams were equally strong and thus, it entered a deadlock.

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Now, the fate of both the teams hangs over what happens in the last five minutes. To find out more about this highly awaited chapter of Blue Lock Manga, read further!

Blue Lock
Blue Lock Chapter 143 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 143 will be released on August 24, 2021. After the Japanese version gets released, it often takes around 5 to 6 hours for the translations to get released. However, the raw scans of the upcoming chapter will get released on or after August 22.

Blue Lock Chapter 142 Recap

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Here’s everything that happened in the previous chapter. It’ll give you a good idea of what will happen in the next chapter:

  1. Both Blue Lock and Japan U-20 managed to score two goals each and thus, the match has got very tense.
  2. Because of this deadlock, we’ll see the two teams trying to achieve their victory in the last five minutes.
  3. But Japan U-20 has a higher chance of winning the match after one of their members secured the corner kick when the ball went over the bar.
  4. The Itoshi Brothers are desperately trying to make their teams win and the added sibling rivalry raises the stakes to an exponentially higher level. Rin is the captain of Blue Lock and all the spotlight is on him at this crucial moment.
  5. Rin’s brother, Sae, is one of the best players of Japan U-20 and was the player who secured one goal and also assisted another player in securing another goal. Sae is a massive hurdle in Blue Lock’s victory.
  6. We get some peeks into the shared childhoods of the two brothers and understand why Rin is determined to defeat his brother’s team.

Blue Lock Chapter 143

Blue Lock Chapter 143 Spoilers and Speculations

The match is getting intense and still, we don’t have any spoilers. This kind of situation is hard to speculate on since the mangaka often has so many other possibilities to explore. The raw scans might give greater insight though.

Where To Read Blue Lock

You can read it on the Kodansha US website.

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