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Tony Stark Giving Nick Names to Everyone Around Him

A picture of Robert Downey jr as Tony Stark

Tony Stark is known for his wit, his sarcasm his style, and his playboy attitude. Being a friend or an enemy of Stark earns you the right to get a nickname.

He probably would give the nickname casually and will always remember you by that nickname, but hey at least he remembers. We love him, 3000 and miss him 10000.

We bring to you the funniest and best nicknames he ever gave.


There is no limit to Tony‘s curiosity or sarcasm. He never shied away from clearing his doubts on Fury as soon as he got onto the Helicarrier. Neither did he leave without taking a jab at Fury when he talked about the Avengers initiative. Tony called Avengers a Super-Secret Boy Band and also called Natasha Romanoff a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, as a triple imposter, as she was effing good at that and even espionage.


Thor, unlike the actor playing the role, is not a person of many words, nor does he have a funny streak. But give it to Taika Waititi to change that. But in the start when Thor was all business only, Tony never failed to take a jab at the God of Thunder. He called him Point Break about a film in 1991 where the hero had the same hairdo. The name stuck with Tony, to the point it makes us think that Tony remembers everyone with their nicknames and barely knows any of their actual terms.

Also, He went on to pull Thor’s leg in Avenger (2012) when they met for the first time by calling the fight between him and Thor, and its setting as “Shakespeare in the Park” as it was a forest setting. He then took on the role of Shakespeare and asked, “Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?” making fun of Thor’s cape. Also called fat Thor Lebowski in Endgame, another movie reference.

Captain America

Captain America

Tony had this general hate for Cap as he hated that his father Howard Stark, wouldn’t shut up about Cap. So, Tony, in his way, took out the hatred he had on his father and that he misses him by pulling Captain’s leg in the entire movie (Avengers 21012). He called him Capsicle, a play with the words referring to him being on the ice for so long and that he was called Cap.

He also called him to pry old fellow and ‘Old Man’ too as he was supposedly ancient even though he doesn’t look like that.


Loki with Space Stone In Avengers 2012|

Loki was the first Villain in the first movie of the Avengers franchise and had the fantastic opportunity of getting a lot of nicknames. Tony called him with a lot of nicknames either for his costume, his hairdo, or his nature. Some among those are Reindeer Games, Rock of Ages, and Full Tilt Diva.

James “Rhodey” Rhodes

My heart goes out to Rhodey. Did you see what Tony put him through? But this is what friends are for, right? Tony did smooth things over now and then by giving him sweet nothings in the form of nicknames like Honey Bear, Platypus, and Sour Patch.

Tony Stark

Yeah, you read the heading right. Tony meets Howard Stark when he goes back in time, and the man is suddenly speechless. To a man who wouldn’t shut up his mouth even when the fate of the world is hanging by a thread, it was a surprise for the audience too to see Iron Man finally speechless. So, a surprised Tony searched for a name to introduce himself as and came up with “Howard Potts“. His father and his wife’s name are neat.

Also, don’t forget Stan Lee‘s cameo as a delivery guy calling for the parcel owner as “Tony Stank“. Well, if anyone can outrun Tony in sarcasm and nicknames, it would be the king himself.


Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War

Civil War saw a lot of new casts and so a lot of nicknames. One famous member of the Team Stark was our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Tony called him, Spider-ling, Crime Fighting Spider, and Spider-Boy. Well, it was just there he wouldn’t miss such an opportunity like that. But went on to introduce him as Underoos to the opposite team in the airport scene.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was newly introduced to the team in Infinity War, but that didn’t stop Tony from taking a jab at him. He called him and Wong as Wizards when he asked Bruce Banner not to embarrass him and turn into the Hulk soon. Also called him Bleeker Street Magician while explaining to the remaining team why they shouldn’t try fighting Thanos again.

Guardians of the Galaxy cast

Tony came into contact with the cast of Guardians of Galaxy in Infinity War to put it subtly, while the world was facing one of its biggest crises. Now that won’t stop Tony Stark from giving names. Why, while recording the last message to Pepper, he didn’t stop giving names, so. He called Star-Lord as Mr Lord and Flash Gordon just for the fun of it. Flash Gordon was taken as a compliment though, by Peter Quill. He called Rocket Build-a-bear and Ratchet. Called Nebula a blue meanie and called Drax as Mr Clean, because he looked like the Proctor & Gamble brand mascot.


No one would dare to stand in the way of an angry Hulk, let alone give him nicknames. Well, Tony and will give him an edgy nickname too. He calls him Puny Banner when he couldn’t control the Hulk who was let loose on the city by Scarlet Witch, whom Tony refers to as “Little Witch‘.

He tries to make Hulk remember that he is “Bruce Banner“, but when Hulk starts to get angry and throws a car, he calls him “Puny Banner“. Also calls him “Jolly Green” taking a dig at the smart and relaxed Hulk in the Endgame.


Marvel Studios ANT-MAN AND THE WASP…Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)…Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

From going to “Who are you?” in the Civil War prison scene, to giving him nicknames in Endgame, the banter between Tony and Ant-Man is funny AF. Tony calls him Thumbelina and Stuart Little when Ant-Man is running inside Tony’s body (2012 Tony) to give him a mild stroke to cause a diversion. And calls him a Piss Ant when he warns that Tony and Cap‘s new improved plan to go back in time might be dangerous.

Bucky Barnes/Happy Hogan/Ultron

Tony pretty much hates Winter Soldier probably because Cap was ready to give up everything for him, maybe it was just jealousy at first. Well, but he did try to come to terms with Cap when he went to that Hydra facility. But that didn’t stop him from giving a nickname to Bucky. He calls him Manchurian Candidate when Bucky wouldn’t stop holding his gun pointing towards Tony.

Happy Hogan was one of the characters who was exhausted from keeping up with Tony. But he loved him so much. But nothing ever stopped Tony from taking a jab at anyone. He called Happy “Forehead of Security” while Happy attended a FaceTime call, and only his Forehead was shown. It was a wordplay as Happy was the Head of Security at Stark Industries.

Ultron, is the brainchild of Tony and Banner, but he got his wit and dialogues from Tony I would say. While Ultron takes offense at people calling him one of Tony‘s machine thingy, he insults Tony by calling him a sickness. So Stark on entering calls him “Oh, Junior“.

Iron Man 3 Villains

Iron Man 3 went through half of the film, making a hired actor look like a global terrorist while Killian was the main Villain after all. He called one of Killian’s men as Pony Tail Express due to his hairdo. I guess Tony doesn’t like long hair, huh? Called the actor who played fake Mandarin as “Meryl Streep“, “Sir Laurence Olivier” and Ringo (because of their resemblance to Beetles members).

Ebony Maw

AH….what is the list of Tony Stark given nicknames without Ebony Maw‘s nickname? Tony Stark took two seconds to come up with a nickname for Ebony Maw calling him “Squidward” a SpongeBob Squarepants reference.

Wish we had him more because he would’ve given nicknames to Thanos and the other members of the Black Order.


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