Two Big bigger than Thanos Villains Rumored to be introduced in MCU phase 4

Avengers: Endgame saw the defeat of Thanos, the biggest threat to Avengers till date. Now its time to mess things again by bringing more powerful and evil villains to MCU as Marvel has to follow fan’s interest.

Well, according to this new rumor, Marvel may have found a way around the problem of topping Thanos: introduce two separate big bads. These villains are going to play a big part in shaping phase 4.


A trusted Reddit user going under the name TheMarvelScoopMaster posted on the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit some intriguing details about the next phase of the franchise.

One of the biggest is that they revealed that these supposed two big bads will be made up of a “ground-level threat” and a “cosmic” one.

So these villains are divided into two sides: ‘the cosmic side’ and ‘the earthly side’.

The main antagonist of the cosmic side will be Michael Korvac, who comic fans may remember was the villain of the aptly-named ‘Korvac Saga’ from several decades ago in the comics.

Michael Korvac will be seen as the main villain in Captain Marvel sequel which will release sometime in 2021.

The main antagonist of the earthly side will be ‘Norman Osborn’. He will debut via a cameo in Spiderman Far From Home, and a casting announcement should come soon.

Osborn will essentially be an evil analog to Tony Stark and will threaten The Avengers as well as Spider-Man. We may see him as both the Goblin and Iron Patriot as we saw him in the Dark Avengers Comics.

Reddit User Reveals something

“I have some news on who the new big bads will be in the MCU. Yes, plural. We’re going to see more than one villain in the MCU.

Think of it as two Thanos level threats, but Marvel is looking to create a more ‘ground level’ threat and a more ‘cosmic’ threat. This will be their way of upping the ante of Thanos.” told the Reddit user.

TheMarvelScoopMaster also mentioned that the reason we little details about phase 4 is because Norman Osborn will be introduced in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

So, after the film is out, we will learn more about Osborn’s role in the MCU as well as future films.

The user also leaked that Korvac will not be enough powerful to defeat Captain Marvel in its sequel. Instead, it will grow in strength and return as a reoccurring threat in future Avengers films.

Obviously, we should take all this with a pinch of salt for now.

Though at least one part of the rumor may be confirmed very soon when Far From Home reaches cinemas on July 2nd.

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