Understand Spirited Away’s Unforgettable Anime Sequences!

Spirited Away

Studio Ghibli has unleashed a new wave of making anime movies in artistically brilliant ways. It has been able to make a unique blend of sublime social messaging with aesthetic and artistic appeal.


Based in a quaint film studio located in Tokyo, Studio Ghibli has released tons of films that have captured the imagination of many fans. Its popularity has spawned a franchise spanning Television commercials, video game collaborations, cute merchandise, apart from its movies.


Studio Ghibli’s logo, the furry and gigantic Totoro, has become the recognizable icon and symbol of its sublime romantic aesthetic. Also, Spirited away has been one of the highest-grossing films in the theatrical history of Japan.

Spirited Away

Studio Ghibli movies like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Grave of the Fireflies have made waves all over the world for their depiction of human suffering and philosophical dilemmas. However, these movies often source meanings from Japanese legends and philosophies to spread messages that are universal.


This often means that many viewers miss out on the intricateness and depth of the messages put forward by Studio Ghibli. However, you need not read some dense academic texts or beg your Japanese friends to interpret the hidden meanings of the imageries. 

Spirited Away

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What’s the event about?


The Forum Des Images will be holding a Zoom session to bring you an in-depth analysis of an iconic scene from Spirited Away. The session will start from 6:30 PM on May 10 and continue for about 40 minutes. Register here to attend this session. 

Which scene of Miyazaki‘s Spirited Away is the focus? 

Marie Pruvost-Delaspre, who has done meticulous research on Japanese animation, will be presenting a visual analysis on crossing the bridge. You can reach her here on her Twitter account. Do attend this session and hope you enjoy! Leave your comments down below!


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