Unknown Facts About Chris Evans

Chris Evans Turn 40 Today

Chris Evans is a worldwide phenomenon, and Marvel female fans cannot stop adoring him and his cute dog, Dodger.

Here are some unknown facts about our Cap, and this is definitely not for the hard-core fans because there is definitely no die-hard fan who wouldn’t know these facts.

Our handsome star turns 40 today (13 June), so here’s to wishing him a Happy Birthday!

Chris Evans and Dodger


Chris Evans’ Infamous NSFW Leak

According to the internet, the actor shared a screen recording of his family playing a Heads-Up game. When the video ends, the camera roll is displayed on a screen that shows a photo of his pp.

It is not the only that picture that has caught the attention of the fans. Another photo showed a picture of the star’s face with the text “guard that P — Y.”

This was handled way better than the NSFW leaks of other female celebrities, and Evans just rubbed it off by conveying something important.

Chris Evans and his open journey with Mental Illness

Usually, when people become famous, their priorities tend to change. But that’s not the case for Evans.


Evans is known to be a grounded and humble guy, but he still believed it was essential to go to therapy to work on himself and be more open to change.

Evans has been open about his mental illness too, and fans supported him so much with his NSFW leak because they know how it could affect him.

It’s as simple as that; he was truthful to who he is, and fans just wanted to protect him.

His Openly Gay Brother

Chris Evans isn’t the only celebrity in the family, as his younger brother, Scott Evans, is also an actor. Scott is more of a dramatic guy than a superheroy guy, as in, he is a soap opera star.


Scott plays the role of Oliver in a series called ‘Grace and Franki.’. Scott is openly gay, and his Evans has been highly supportive of his younger brother.

Chris Evans and Scott Evans

His mom’s obsession with Cap Goods

Which mother on Earth is not overdoing it when their kid does something even minimally good, right? Cap is no exception.

Upstairs in Evans’ mother’s attic, she has a collection of Captain America memorabilia displayed.

Well, when your son is the man who resembles a Marvel superhero, you have to represent.


Celebrity Crush and Chris Evans

Evans is a famous star now, and all of this was just a dream when he was small.

He had a normal childhood, and his favorite star and crush were Sandra Bullock, whom Evans has met now.

Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock

Well, why wouldn’t he


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