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Verification and Fact-checking Policy

We know the need for us to deliver nothing short of correct and reliable information to our readers. Therefore, we have a strong verification and fact-checking policy to ensure integrity in what we post. So, it includes the following key components of our process driven by a commitment to transparency and credibility:

Primary Source Verification

We will give great weight to information obtained directly from primary sources, such as official statements, press releases, and interviews with relevant parties, and leading industry publications.

Multiple Source Corroboration

We make sure to verify the information with at least three independent sources for accuracy and truth before going into print with any news or article. This, in a way, will guard us from misinformation or falsehood.

Expert Analysis and Opinion

Where data is not entirely clear or hypothesis, we counsel broadly with experts in the field to bring informed analysis and setting that presents a fair view for our perusers.

Fact-Checking Process

A group of editors fact-checks all the data utilizing solid devices and strategies, guaranteeing exactness before distribution. It is therefore required to double-check the information for its truthfulness from authentic sources.

Correction and Retraction Protocol

Corrections or retractions of any errors or inaccuracies will be posted immediately upon discovery. Prime importance should be given to transparency and responsibility in case any mistake should be corrected forthwith. Readers can find our policy on Correction and Retraction Protocols on the website’s Diversification and Correction Policy Page.

Ethical Standards

We uphold very high ethical standards and, therefore, report as such to ensure that our information, though false or subjective, is presented with fairness, objectivity, and free from bias. Our commitments to journalistic integrity underscore decisions made at every step. We have a strict set of rules in place, which one can read more about in the website’s Ethics Policy page.

Reader Feedback and Accountability

We are open to getting feedback from our readers and will greatly appreciate it if they can always point out to us whatever they feel does not sound right or has a discrepancy. Furthermore, we remain committed to the quality and accuracy of our content, with a mission to provide the best standards of journalism.

Procedure for addressing errors and inconsistencies.

We have kept the process of reporting any errors and inconsistencies in your website/articles as simple as possible. If you have a concern about content on our website that does not involve copyright infringement, please contact us at with details about your request. We will review all reasonable requests for content removal, including those related to privacy, defamation, or other legal concerns.

For any complaints and reports of copyright infringement please visit our DMCA/Removal page.

By these principles and practices, is trying to be the recognized and leading source of news and information in the anime, movies, and cinematic world, enabling our readership to get these insights and updates on which they are relying.

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