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WandaVision 5th Episode Connects West View to Nick Fury


One thing about Marvel that never fails to astonish us is the details and the fans that keep out their sharp eyes to find out every one of them.

A show riddled with mystery

The recent one that fans have spent every energy finding out and connecting the dots is in WandaVision. The show has a unique way of confusing fans and keeping them as crazy as it could.

With 5th episode of WandaVision still troubling the fans with many questions and uncleared doubts, this recent one makes no sense.

There would be many questions for you already, but guess what? Some fans have found a connection between WandaVision and Nick Fury. Well, to be more precise, they have found a connection to The Avengers movie and the Captain Marvel movie. 

Nick Fury and the Tesseract


The things common in both these movies are Nick Fury, Tesseract, and the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility. Wonder what facility I am talking about? Well, it’s the first facility shown in The Avengers where Erik Selvig is seen working with the Tesseract.

Again, this building is shown in Captain Marvel as the place where the project P.E.G.A.S.U.S is placed (where they find out about Carol’s life on Earth). Now how is this place connected to WandaVision?

WandaVision took a lot of effort to establish the fact that the things happening are from West View, New Jersey. We even got an actual view of the Town’s board.

Mismatched locations

In the fifth episode, while Hayward sends in the 80s Stark Industries drone, he has It armed and ready to fire at Wanda without others’ knowledge. While Wanda is all angry and her eyes have turned red, the frame shifts to a screen with Wanda’s face and coordinates.

Now, these coordinates {36°40’05.0″N 115°39’26.0″W} when noted down and checked with a map, points towards the location being in Southern California side of the Mojave Desert.


The Nevada side of this desert is where we saw Nick Fury and the Tesseract in the two movies. Now, we knew that Nick Fury has some kind of knowledge whenever it comes to dangerous events.

Is Nick Fury the savior of Wanda in WandaVision?

Many have already speculated that Nick Fury might be the one that helps keep Wanda’s madness away from the media. So, if that is true, then these coordinates make sense.

Some fans now think that WestView’s location, which has been shown to us until now, may also not be that concrete. If that is to believe and this location to be considered, it brings WandaVision closer to Tesseract and its history.

If the reports of WandaVision tying the plot with the Loki series is true, then this may be the way they are doing it.

Anyway, nothing is sure yet, so stay tuned while we keep you updated.

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