What Is James Gunn’s Favorite Scene From Infinity War?

James gunn

Gunn‘s first run under the Marvel Studios banner came in 2014 for the first-ever Guardians of the Galaxy feature. Seamlessly blending sci-fi, action, and comedy, the ensemble film earned a sequel in 2017 and will finally round out its trilogy within the next few years.

However, this subseries of the MCU isn’t the only addition to the canon Gunn took part in. Given the Guardians‘ involvement in the 2018 crossover Avengers: Infinity War, the filmmaker helped out on the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed film, receiving an executive producer credit. Now approaching three years since its cinematic debut, James Gunn has revealed his favorite scene from the multi-billion dollar blockbuster.

Gamora’s death stands out as James Gunn’s top Infinity War moment


On February 8, James Gunn took to Twitter to answer a few questions from his fans, mostly about filmmaking and superhero cinema. User @HamzaSisko151 asked about the death of Guardians of the Galaxy mainstay Gamora (Zoe Saldana) in Avengers: Infinity War – specifically, whether or not Gunn planned for the moment, or if he even had any say in the matter at all.


For those who don’t recall, she was sacrificed on Vormir by her father, Thanos (Josh Brolin), so that he could acquire the Soul Stone. As usual, Gunn’s response was both candid and informative.



I definitely didn’t always plan on it – that’s why she isn’t on my list,” he replied, referring to a previous tweet about his forward planning when it comes to the Guardians’ individual story arcs. Gunn continued, revealing, “But I was consulted before it was set in stone, so it wasn’t completely out of my control either.” He then wraps up his tweet by proclaiming that her unexpected demise is “probably [his] favorite scene in Infinity War.”

As we now know, Gamora — at least her 2014 self — is alive and well in the present-day MCU, thanks to the time-travel shenanigans of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. With all of her character progression from the previous two Guardians movies wiped clean, including her relationship with Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), it’ll be interesting to see how Gunn factors her into the upcoming third installment.


Even though her pseudo-resurrection softens the blow of her death, surely he’ll find a way to maintain the emotional resonance of his favorite Infinity War scene.

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