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WandaVision: Episode 3 And The Infinity War Connection


Marvel is known for many things, and one of them is giving clues, teasing fans, and keeping Easter eggs all over the scenes. And Wandavision has plenty of them.

A nod to Infinity War

With the WandaVision show starting to build tension inside the West View and outside, we know things will start to unravel sooner.

But with the already streamed episode, many of us didn’t notice this one thing that gave a huge nod to a scene in Infinity War.

Thanks to a sharp-eyed Reddit user, we now have another connection of WandaVision to the previous MCU movies.


Vision and Geraldine

In the third episode, Wanda suddenly gets pregnant within a span of 24 hours and ends up giving birth to twins. As to how real this pregnancy is still unknown. But that’s not what we will be talking about here.

Before the twins’ birth, Vision goes to get the doctor, and Geraldine helps Wanda calm down a little and set up for the childbirth.

Now before we start breaking down the dialogues, the other scene, which is a close resemblance to this one, will be Vision’s death in the hands of Wanda in Infinity War.

The birth and death!





Yes, that scene from Infinity War where Wanda is forced to kill Vision so that Thanos doesn’t get the Time Stone. If you look at the scene once again or already have the sad scene etched on your mind, then you will know what we are trying to tell.

Still, let’s us give a breakdown for you. First, it begins with the short amount of time left.

Vision makes Wanda kill him, knowing that Avengers have no chance of winning. Geraldine is put in a position where she says the same about time being deficient once again.

Then comes the part where both of them encourage her asking to look at them and reassuring her.

Giving birth or taking a life, nothing is a piece of cake. Wanda gives up in both the scenarios and wants to bail.

But the ones around here don’t want that to happen and make sure it happens by giving her their full support.

This can’t be just a coincidence. Because if it is, then it is a big one! Marvel is known for teasing fans with references like this, and if Infinity War is referred to here, if the show follows the same pattern as Infinity War from hereon, then we know we need to get the tissues ready.

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