Did Thanos Have A Point Afterall?


We saw the mad Titan wreak havoc throughout the Avengers franchise, and even though we got to know about his reason for it in the last two installments of the franchise, some might argue that he might’ve had a point to his madness.

Earth is far better comparatively.

Thanos was not from Earth, and anyone with basic knowledge knew that. But, what many didn’t realize was that, unlike Earth, there are other planets in the galaxy, according to the Marvel Universe, which was on the brink of extinction because of poverty and hunger.

Well, one might then argue that why not destroy just those planets and leave Earth? Why destroy it while it had no problems like the other planets. Even though Earth has different issues, there was no need for Thanos’ snap.

Crazy but had a point.

Thanos In Avengers Endgame

Let us put it this way, the mad Titan saw for the first-time people who defended their planet so effectively, and that made him want to destroy it even more. Well, we did say he had a point but never said he was sane.

When we see in Avengers Endgame that Thanos had a retirement plan and all he wanted, at last, was to farm and live alone peacefully, even though we were furious seeing Thor in that state, we kinda get his point by then.

Gorr The God Butcher

As we said, Earth might’ve not needed the snap, but many other planets required it. You don’t believe me, then just wait until Thor: Love and Thunder are released.

While announcing the other phase 4 projects recently, Marvel took to its official social media pages to introduce Christian Bale and the role he will be playing in Thor: Love and Thunder. Now you might wonder what does that has to do with this article; wait, I have a point.

War within Gods


Marvel announced that Bale would be playing the role of Gorr the God Butcher. If you are a comic book reader, then by now, you would’ve gotten my point but for the others, let me explain.

According to the comics, Gorr was a simple man who wanted just food and safety for his family. He prays to all the Gods to help him and his family, but none come to his rescue. He sees his wife and children die of hunger and finally declares that there is no God.

Pain leads to Hate

But one fine day, he comes across two Gods fighting and understands that he was wrong all along and that Gods are there, but they simply just don’t care. After some drastic turn of events, he possesses powers that could kill Gods, and he goes on a rampage killing none but Gods.

That’s the level of problems in other planets due to hunger. So Thanos, who saw all of this, felt the pain, made a solution in his own twisted way.

He is crazy, that’s true, but we did see him destroy all the stones as he thought keeping those stones would invite trouble. So, scold me all you want, but you too know he had a point deep down.



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