Thor: Love and Thunder to be the Avengers 5 Movie Fans Want


Ever since the Endgame ended in 2019, fans of marvel want one thing so badly, to see the Avengers back in one movie. Even though the first wish will be to see Iron Man alive, having an Avengers 5 movie is a close second.

Avengers 5 movie in 2022!

But, it looks like we might be lucky after all. According to THR, who reported some exclusive details about Black Panther 2, he has also shared some new information regarding the other movies of phase 4.

Now, with Spider-Man 3, we know the movie is going to be filled with cameos from past MCU characters and current ones; the same goes for Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. With Wanda creating trouble for Doctor Strange and Loki doing the same with the timeline jumping new profession of his, we are sure we will see at least some scenes of the Avengers in the multitude of Universes.

GOTG crossover


According to the latest news we received from the Thor franchise, we heard that the Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt would join the movie. Now, if he is joining, we know the entire cast of GOTG is joining. We saw all of them leave together in their spaceship fighting on who is the new actual leader now.

If they didn’t kill each other in that stupid but hilarious fight on the way, then we can expect Thor to be a part of GOTG Vol 3 movie and GOTG cast to be a part of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Star-Studded Cast

Now already with Jane Foster returning and Valkyrie becoming the new King of Asgard and with Christian Bale joining, the movie is big enough for fans to be excited. Hell, if the film just has marvel in the credits, fans will watch, let alone a big cast.

Due to the rescheduling of the phase 4 movies, Thor Love and Thunder will be the last before the film in Phase 4, followed by Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in Thor 4, is it strange? 


Actually, it won’t be a shocker even if Doctor Strange made a cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder. Want to know why? Think about it, in Doctor Strange end credit scene, we see Doctor Strange keeping track of everything that is trying to alter reality, and one significant force of power to always contribute to that is Loki.

So, there are chances that Thor is summoned by Strange to warn him about his timeline jumping brother. Now the question arises, Does Thor and other Avengers know that Loki escaped?

Do the remaining Avengers know about the new/old Loki?

As far as we know, only Captain America and Iron Man, and Ant-Man knew about it. Cap is old and possibly dead, Iron Man is no more that leaves us with Ant-Man remembering it and letting others know that The God of Mischief is up to his old tricks again.

Let’s see if Ant-Mann informs them or if Doctor Strange comes and pulls Thor away to show him a glimpse of what Loki has been doing.



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