Can Doctor Doom Defeat Professor X?

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom can defeat Professor X.

Doom has shown resilience to Professor X’s main ability which is telepathy,

Emma Frost is a very powerful telepath but she isn’t on the same level as Charles.

It should also be mentioned that Doom captured The Purple Man and used his telepathy to conquer the world and placed the Purple Man in a machine which made his form telepathy go planetary and yet Doom remained completely unaffected,

Doctor Doom

Charles is a lot stronger than Purple Man tho but this does show that Doom has an incredibly strong will power.

Professor X is one of if not the most powerful telepaths in all of Marvel, Professor X is an Alpher Level mutant but in my opinion, he should be an Omega Level Mutant and if you don’t know the difference between them, an Alpha-level mutant simply classifies those that resemble normal human beings with combat-effective powers while an Omega Level Mutant has next to no upper level of power and has nigh-infinite power.
Professor X is capable of communicating with Galactus while he is light years away from Earth without the need of Cerebro, He has also communicated to several other Aliens at once, Have a mind battle with the Scarlet Witch, And has even been able to do things that you wouldn’t normally expect a telepath to be able to do like shooting an energy beam from his head that can destroy a sentinel, and he has even been shown to have some Telekinetic abilities even though they are not on the same level as someone like Marvel Girl, Jean Grey or Magneto, Professor X has even been able to defeat Thor, Beast and more all at once, and has even defeated the Omaga Level Mutant telepath Exodus, So this should make Charles Xavier an Omaga Level Mutant, But most impressively he was able to defeat Cyclops who was empowered by the Phoenix Force, And The Phoenix Force used by Jean Grey (although if it was not for Jean fighting against the Phoenix Force Xavier would’ve lost)
This is extremely impressive as the Phoenix Force is responsible for all the Psionic energy in the multiverse, And we should also include the time when Professor X entered the mind of flippin ETERNITY!! So that right there should tell you just how powerful Charles Xavier is, he probably surpasses some if not most Telepaths in DC as well. In our scaling, he should be Multi Galaxy Level, possibly Low Universal Level.

If Doom can’t resist Charle’s telepathy then he can just make a machine capable of blocking telepathy.

Doom has the knowledge, intelligence, skill, and willpower to beat Charles if prep time is involved but in a random encounter, I give the W to Charles every time.

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