What Is A Witcher Medallion And What It’s Significance?


The words Witcher Medallion come up when you start looking into the backstories and weapons of the Witchers.

Magic and Monsters

First of all, as we already know, nothing in the Witcher Universe seems normal, and no one other than humans, well, maybe some, might be without any powers.

Either they are born powerful or transformed into beasts or something with magic or by a curse. We didn’t get a detailed description about a lot of things, and some we might come across in the second season.

But most of the fans think the majority of backstories and stuff will come out only when the prequel is released. But those who are curious like me will read theories and materials from the books to know what’s up.


What’s new?


While many things might kindle our curiosity, one thing that makes us curious that Geralt is known to carry is his medallion.

Now in video games, the medallion is supposed to be in the shape of Wolf’s head, and it could be tuned up to detect either monsters or magic.

Now the debate among fans is that if Netflix should’ve gone with the video games model or the book model.


What’s the difference?

witcher medallion comparision.jpg

The medallion is more of a coin-shaped one with a wolf emblem on it in the books and the show.

As of now, there is no scene in the show where the medallion indicated anything like the games. Maybe they are waiting for the right time, or perhaps it’s simply just a tag.

Now, these medallions are given to young Witchers when they pass the Trial of Grasses. And in video games, the medallion will glow and vibrate when magical creatures or creatures created by magic appear near the medallion.


It is one that has helped the Witchers be wary of whose presence he is in. These medallions can be tuned either to detect that or to detect the proximity of the monsters the Witchers are hunting.

As of now, we have no great use with the medallion, but apparently, it is of some importance. Now even the ones in the video games have some problems because the Higher Vampires and Dopplers can escape its sensors.

Maybe now that Geralt is going back to Kaer Morhen, we will know more about the School of Wolf and the medallions.

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