Henry Cavill: An Instagram Post That Sent Mass Effect Fans Into A Frenzy

There are a lot of things going on for the Witcher fans right now as they wait every day to get some update about the release date for the second season.

The Post that broke the internet!

But instead of giving us any update on the second season, the Witcher star decided to tease the fans with something totally unexpected.

Now in a new Instagram post shared by Cavill along with the caption, “Secret project? Or just a handful of paper with random words on it?” we could actually take a lot of clues.


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Second season filming

With the trademark long silver hair that Cavill is adorning, we know that the picture was taken in the Witcher dressing room.

According to reports, they are supposed to film till March-end. Now, many thought that the scripts Cavill held in his hands were the ones of the current season’s while some thought it might be the prequel series’ script.

But the words ‘Secret Project’ gives us a clue that it is not about the Witcher.

Mass Effect Video Games


Now every Cavill fan knows that he is a huge nerd when it comes to comics and games.  After using an app to clear the blurring in the image, fans found words like “Cerberus, Reaper, and Geth.”

Now, these are words that are related to Mass Effect video games. At first, fans thought that he is about to do the new video games that are under production.

But some suggest that it might be that he is starring in a Mass Effect series. Now, like Witcher, Mass Effect is also a famous video game, and fans think Cavill might be a part of making it into a series.

Are they right?

Now, we have to applaud the fans for their creativity and sharp eyes definitely. As Henry Cavill said, these could be just a bunch of random papers or some research he is doing before he starts playing the game.

So, we don’t know anything for sure but let’s just hope Cavill cuts to the chase and lets us know.


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